HookedGamers review: White Knight Chronicles

HookedGamers writes: "If you are a Playstation 2 RPG fan, you have probably been waiting for the next release from Level 5 Inc. For those of you who don't know the developers from before, they produced one of the most critically-acclaimed RPGs for the console: Dark Cloud. With unprecedented content and an immersive story, many thought that the independent developer/publisher had peaked early. Well, as always, that remains to be seen, as Level 5 has just released their first US title for the Playstation 3, White Knight Chronicles. Does it live up to the expectations put forth almost nine years ago?"

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MrWonderful3081d ago

this game is a hell of alot better than the reviews its been getting. this score is what the game deserves


8.5 is good. I don't see other reviews with 8.5 of score.

For me is fine, but wrong if this have 7 or less.

zapata21193081d ago

totally agree even though im not finished this game yet i can't wait for WKC2 to come out.....well maybe i can wait until i'm finished