GameKult Review: MAG

GameKult: At E3 2008, Sony MAG evoked among the standard bearers of the mark as God of War III. Subsequently, the title became much more discreet until his release was celebrated with great pomp by the editor who had organized, January 20, 2010, confrontation European giant 128 (journalists, bloggers and players sorted on strand), 128 U.S. cons (developers and beta testers).

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Sonyslave33051d ago

Damn sony is about put yall on their black list

NateNater3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Curse you Google Translator and your strange translastions!

On topic: Terrible score, but an outstanding game!

ukilnme3051d ago

Looks like I will be picking this up. My son wants to give it a try.

Redlogic3051d ago

i have been playin the sh!t outa MAG for the past few nights and I am absolutely in love with it. Me and my squad were just killing out objectives and especially on defense it wasn't even close. Its so much fun to keep repelling back the other team as they try to break thru our defense.

Raven for life!

raztad3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

It seems fashionable to score MAG low for whatever stupid reason and it's saddening how the sales of this incredible game suffer because the "reception" among critics. Keep playing COD Gamekult. There are gamers interested in something else, some variety and innovation doesnt hurt you know.

I gave a hit to Gamekult just to "understand" why I'm so addicted to this game while Gamekult thinks it's mediocre. Stupid review. I know Gamekult is not a site for looking reviews anymore.

256 doesnt make any difference? yeah sure. Hell it does.

Raoh3051d ago

who the hell is gamekult? i've been seeing them being posted here a lot lately and usually with very harsh poor ps3 review scores.

i skimmed through that crappy review and why is it the internet is full of emo bloggers with absolutely no writing ability who feel the need to comment on a game they clearly did not play.

everything i read was wrong.

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