Deus Ex 3 Resurfacing At GDC 2010

Next month, Eidos Montreal is going to reveal a bit more of Deus Ex 3. DX3 will be the subject of an hour-long presentation at the 2010 Game Developers Conference.

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Sonyslave33080d ago

I thought SE said this game is PC only

Hellsvacancy3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )


I 4-got bout Deus Ex 3 aswel

Letros3080d ago

or did it get hit by the dumbed-down train somewhere in the development cycle.

EvilCackle3080d ago

They never said it was an exclusive. The only previews so far have been in PC magazines but Eidos hasn't declared any sort of exclusivity.

Letros3079d ago

they stated only PC is being developed atm, and the complexity of the game would be difficult to translate to consoles, I guess I can see something like how Dragon Age was done for consoles, not really the same game.