Blue Toad's American Release "Very, Very Soon"

PSLS Writes:
The first two episodes of the Blue Toad series have been a resounding success, with sales beating Relentless Software's expectations and the games receiving mostly positive reviews, however the game has one, rather significant, problem – it still hasn't been released in the US, despite being in the EU since last year. In a new interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Jade Tidy, the producer of the title, revealed to us the reason behind the delay, and shed light on when the US should expect to see the title.

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user94220772930d ago

awesome, know some people who wants it in America. great game

decimalator2930d ago

Huzzah!! Btw, I love the name Jade Tidy. And I love her too, she's cute and teeny.

doctorstrange2930d ago

Look forward to more from Jade, as well as Paul Woodbridge and Tom Dussek later today :)

Trexman892930d ago

really, really soon? or really, really, really soon?...theres a difference

T3mpr1x2930d ago

Hopefully this translates into an announcement on the PS.Blog Monday (or Tuesday if they aren't around due to the holiday) and a release on Thursday!

doctorstrange2930d ago

Although I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed it till the 3rd game comes out on the 25th

user94220772930d ago

the third installement in the series will be free, so that's good 2 know