OXM To Reveal 'The Shooter That Everybody Asked For' Next Month

CC: In the March 2010 issue of Official Xbox Magazine, it states that the next issue will include the 'world-exclusive revealed of the shooter that everybody asked for'.

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TheHater3055d ago

Gears of War 3
Perfect Dark 2

SpaceSquirrel3055d ago

A proper sequel to the original Perfect Dark would be awesome.

kevoncox3055d ago

Its easy to see that it's Golden eye.
Black tux with a silenced handgun.

There is only 1 game that everyone is asking for. It's golden eye.

blue7xx73055d ago

Yeah that is what I was thinking Perfect Dark 2 maybe that's the only shooter I see some people wanting. I doubt its Gears 3.

whoelse3055d ago

I was going to say Golden eye.

IaMs123055d ago

Goldeneye! ooo i hope so!

DecoyOctopus3055d ago

it's probably Ghost Recon: future soldier like the guy stated

Cenobia3055d ago

That could be an image for something else though.

They don't say it's a hint for the game so it's probably a picture relating to something else on the magazine page. I don't have the magazine so I don't know.

StanLee3055d ago

Perfect Dark 2 please.

Hellsvacancy3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Yay KillZone 3 - oh wait

Bnet3433055d ago

I'd put my money on Perfect Dark 2.

Fox013055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Killzone 3?

damn you Hellsvacancy :p

Saaking3055d ago

I want Rare to keep their hands off Perfect Dark after the remake. They've proven his generation that MS has turned into a shadow of their former selves.

vhero3055d ago

People asked for a shooter on the 360?? How strange...

DeadlyFire3055d ago

Duke Nukem Forever! Don't you get it. Its the one everyone asked for, but noone is getting. :P

Megaton3054d ago

Wow, someone else who knows RoTT. Kudos on that.

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Munky3055d ago

A new Perfect Dark game.

Sonyslave33055d ago

Gears of War 3

Perfect Dark

Half Life 3

AliTheBrit193055d ago

Lmao sorry to break your bubble guys (lol pun intended)

But Valve has confirmed time and time again, that Half-Life 2 Episode 3 will be out before Half-Life 3

BlackIceJoe3055d ago

I have wanted a Perfect Dark 2 game for years. So it would be great if it is that game. Another Shooter that would be great would be the remake of Golden Eye. I wonder what it will be.

plb3055d ago

A new goldeneye would be sooo awesome!

sonnyz3055d ago

Wouldn't someone be sending cease and desist letters to the people making GoldenEye: Source?