My Name Is Amy, And I Love Rock Band

Amy Nelson at Goozer Nation didn't want to like Rock Band. But once she tried it she was hooked. She can rock out to "Poison" almost as good as Alice Cooper. (Almost-because no one could ever really top Alice). Her 5-year old can sing "Handlebars" by the Flobots flawlessly-probably because he picks it over and over again, until you forget that you used to like that song. Even Auntie Nikki, who spurns video games for the written word, rocked a duet of "We Got the Beat." Where else can you play Metallica and the Beastie Boys right along with Stephen Colbert and Timmy from South Park? You heard me-Stephen Colbert. Awesome! And anyone can rock out-you don't have to be good, or even know the lyrics. Make some up, hum-you'll be fine! Although, for some reason, whenever she says, "Just sing, it's okay if you suck" people seem to get insulted.

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JimmyJames702901d ago

I tried Guitar Hero a few years ago and nearly broke my wrists playing the guitar. This article was a good reminder that maybe I should try the drums or singing or something.