Bungie on Halo Legends, Japan, and EGM Beatdown

Bitmob's Dan Hsu sat down with Bungie's Frank O'Connor to chat about Halo Legends, Japan's view of the Halo franchise, and the alleged beatdown served to Bungie from the EGM editors.

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rod_furlong3081d ago

That Legends trailer from a ways back didn't really knock me out, but we'll see...

bbretterson3081d ago

I always knew Master Chief had giant eyes and spiky hair!

JamesDeRosa3081d ago

I've never really gotten the whole Halo thing, but an animated Halo movie might be interesting.

Gungnir3081d ago

I've never been interested in Halo before now. I might have to check out the animation.

Tolkoto3081d ago

Hope it doesn't underwhelm me as much as that Dark Knight anime collection did.

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The story is too old to be commented.