Gaming Heaven: Aliens vs Predator Preview

GH writes: "We here at GamingHeaven can remember back to far flung days when the original Aliens Versus Predator was a reason to purchase the largely forgotten Atari Jaguar. Since then each version has looked to ramp up the atmosphere, authenticity and action of a crossover franchise that is for many a mash-up of 80s nostalgia taken to a glorious extreme. The storyline is fairly straightforward - Colonial Marines, the lethal Xenomorph and the universe's ultimate hunter, the Predator, have all conspired to end up at the same place at the same time. An inter-species tear-up ensues and it's up to us to guide our selected race to victory completing a series of objectives. As this latest incarnation from Rebellion puts it "Hunter, Survivor, Prey - which will you be?"

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