5 reasons why Everquest II is still a great alternative to World or Warcraft

With a new expansion pack around the corner and the addition of the PvP-focused Battlegrounds, Everquest II is still holding strong with MMORPG gamers. Whether you've tried the game or not since its 2004 release, the game's beautiful visuals and robust features still make it a blast to play. Highlighted are five reasons why it still stands out from World of Warcraft.

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JOLLY13054d ago

How can an expansion, that isn't out yet, be considered "underrated? I wonder why the website thekarel sounds familiar. I think this is one of "those websites". One of the ones that pretend not to be bias, but really have an agenda.

almehdaaol3053d ago

Hey Jolly,

I think you might've gotten confused on my opinion of "underrated" with the Everquest 2 franchise as a whole rather than the expansion specifically. Granted, I'm not an elite level in Everquest 2 yet, but after playing World of Warcraft for years prior, this game is starting to get me excited to be back playing an MMO again. Hope that's a bit clearer.

QUNE3049d ago

I keep coming back to this game. Just to roll a new toon and have some fun.