Alan Wake Limited Collector's Edition Revealed

The Limited Collector's Edition will include:

• Game Disc in box with unique art
• Exclusive In-Game Audio Commentary and Hints by Remedy
• "The Alan Wake Files" – a 144pg book that includes a short story written by Alan Wake and compiles the FBI dossiers investigating the events in Bright Falls, WA
• Exclusive Audio Disc with Soundtrack and Score
• Game Add-on token redeemable on Xbox LIVE for the first Alan Wake add-on content pack
• Exclusive Xbox disc with special content: Alan Wake Xbox Live Theme and Alan Wake Avatar for Xbox LIVE

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Blaze9292806d ago

that's one hellavu package

Rockox2806d ago

Oh, I'm getting this.

green2806d ago

Never buy collectors or special edition of games but that book alone is worth the upgrade.Definitely getting this.

Alcon Caper2806d ago

Good price. The book will be good to read when you need to take a potty break from the game. And the token for the add on content...I wonder what kind of content you could add. It's a linear game now.

Dread2806d ago

day one

i'll be pre-ordering this game today in amazon if its available.


starchild2806d ago

I usually don't buy limited or collector's editions, but this is one game I might make an exception for. Alan Wake looks so good.

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Endless_X2806d ago

The game description has specific release date - "Preorder this item today and it should ship on 05/25/2010" I don't think exact release date of Alan Wake has been announced.

BRG90002806d ago

Yeah, just a retailer estimate I'm sure.

Dread2806d ago

thats because they are probably announcing it this afternoon in the xbox conference.

they just ruined one of todays announcements
either way i am buying this puppy.


Ghostsmoker2806d ago

and now this kick-ass Edition of Alan Wake.

Foxgod2806d ago

Ugh for metro 2033?
You probably also said ugh to Left4dead.

Metro2033 is gonna be the surprise hit of 2010.
So GTFO noob.

Omega42806d ago

This better come to the UK and be <= £60

IronFistChinMi2806d ago

Just pre-ordered from hmv for £39.99.

VladimirK2806d ago

Haha, same, thanks for that man :D
(Bubbles just for that info :))

Hopefully the one for preorder will be this one rather than something like the Rapture edition of Bioshock 2 was to the collector's edition of Bioshock 2.
(And I hope that HMV will still give us it for £40 if it is. Think someone has screwed up there, I really don't see that being £40).

_vx2806d ago

looks like it will win the most disappointing game for 2010 (if it comes out)

-MD-2806d ago

Clearly upset about not being able to play it. ^^^

sofresh2002806d ago

Hopefully my 360 survives until this actually comes out...

dtrain212806d ago

The END of PS3 in 2010. Join us droids....I promise to welcome you with open arms and then b!tch slap you to go back

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