Fake StarCraft 2 Beta Keys are on the Rise

With the announcement of the StarCraft 2 beta, not only good things have come from it. Besides general trolling by community members, there is also an increase in fake beta key sales, that is trying to get money from unsuspecting gamers.

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Recka2930d ago

Could see these coming

Cogo2930d ago

Def. I wonder how much money they make...

Recka2930d ago

Hopefully not enough, if people are smart about it :)... A little too much to ask of some people, I've seen RL friends WoW accounts get hacked, I look at their emails and have seen some of the most obvious hacker emails.

Leord2930d ago

Hehe, I can just see it:

"And it was like a thousand geeks where screaming out in pain"...

moondragon2930d ago

Hehe, i cant wait until i get spammed by chineese mails.

Cogo2930d ago

Now... Correct me if I am wrong, but that is.... SARCASM, isn't it? :)

Leord2930d ago

No, he WANTS to get spammed, doh :P

Holyknight30002930d ago

Ni Hao, you wan sc cdkey yes?


Medievaldragon2930d ago

Really hate the scammers. It happens every time there's a beta.

Leord2930d ago

....and in the real game. I get loads of WoW spam, even though I don't play WoW.

Recka2930d ago

Already had a fair share of Cataclysm ones T_T

theCHUNK2930d ago

Only purchase your beta keys from the finest Nairobi princes.

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