New God of War III Pre-Order Bonus and Trailer

Anthony Caiazzo on Playstation Blog writes: "Spartan Army! You are only a little over a month away from March 16th, the day Kratos brings Chaos to the PlayStation 3. Although the release is a little over a month away we still have some epic size announcements in store for you fans.

The much-anticipated God of War III trailer that Geoff Keighley can't stop Tweeting about, hits tonight, 12.30am (Eastern and Pacific) on Spike TV. Here's a quick preview"

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Megaton3081d ago

Gah, can't wait. Never been so anxious just to see a damn trailer.

blizzard_cool3081d ago

Yeah, it's really strange when I'm just hyped to see the trailer :P
Hope it pays off. I still play the demo from time to time so I know that the game will be awesome.

LordMarius3081d ago

we havent seen new footage since E3 so the excitement is understandable,


i_i_n3081d ago

me, too. the trailer is definitely getting me hyped for the game a lot more than i thought a trailer could ever do.

off topic: MLB10 looks sick in that clip (i know it was just a few seconds worth at most, but still!)

sikbeta3081d ago

Come On March, I Just can't wait Anymore, this Game will be THE DAMN BEAST


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Szarky3081d ago

"This premium is in addition to the previously announced exclusive Phantom of Chaos character skin."

Do you have to beat the game to get the skin? I thought I read that somewhere.

Dtoxz3081d ago

You read it on the back of the promo card. They are doing it simiar to the first 2 games.

Somnipotent3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

i'm excited to see the interview with kevin butler (jerry lambert) too :)

JonnyBigBoss3081d ago

That God of War 3 trailer is going to bring a chill up my spine.

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