Wii Ware Demos Trial Ends

The demos have now been stopped and Nintendo has confirmed that the demo, demo has ended. When asked if WiiWare demos would make a return Nintendo said; "We're looking at our results and deciding our next steps."

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mrv3212929d ago

Demos are a good thing with quality products and with Niche products.

Nintendo I know your not listening and I know you don't care. Realease a Nintendo Wii with a 10GB built in storage and just allow that to phase out your older models.

subzero-082929d ago

It was nice while they were up. But it should be a given, these demos should always be available. I have no idea why Nintendo even has to think about this.

Ikanago2929d ago

It seems sort of silly that both PSN and Xbox Live offer demos of arcade titles and Nintendo doesn't. I downloaded all the demos and enjoyed playing them over the holidays. I even bought World of Goo because the demo was really fun.

So, I would encourage Nintendo to continue offering Wii Ware demos in the future (even if it is only for selected titles).

ChickeyCantor2929d ago

They are taking it down because it was a test.
If these Demo's indeed helped third parties sell their products, they cant deny it.

But if thats not the case, im afraid their verdict will be considered without the fact many are still not connected to the web with their Wii.

2929d ago
PooEgg2929d ago

I can't even count the number of games I bought only because I liked the Demo. One of the best things about LIVE is the ability to try all of the arcade games out before you buy. Nintendo not having demo's is a foolish move, but then again a lot of the stuff on WiiWare is so bad that a demo would only put people off.

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