Blizzard CMs Discuss StarCraft II Beta

Since the announcement of the StarCraft II Beta being released this month the official forums have been buzzing. Here is a round-up of the increased activities from all of Blizzard's Community Managers. This includes news regarding the beta,, and friendly interactions between CMs and the community.

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DeepThought2898d ago

no wonder the community is going wild!

Leord2898d ago

I find it quite funny.

kerriganss2898d ago

i'm so hyped! :D woop woop!

theCHUNK2898d ago

My favorite ice cream flavor is BETA NOW.

Leord2898d ago

I can see a pattern here...

They did nothing to quell the beta hype in the past 3-4 weeks, and now they are putting oil on the flames!

player_729852898d ago

I can not wait for the Beta to begin, I seriously will be over joyed and lose sleep over it, the moment the Beta is out! @[email protected]!

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The story is too old to be commented.