Dante's Inferno Review (resumeplay)

ResumePlay: "Dante's Inferno, the game based on the Classic Poem, is one my favorite action games released in the past few months. Given some of the titles that have come out recently, that's quite the accomplishment. The game takes an infamous poem in literary history, and adapts it to a gaming audience. There are major differences from the original, which would normally ruin a game for me but the experience is so enjoyable, I could look past the changes and recognize the game as its own entity."

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mau643049d ago

Cannot wait to play this game... No matter how much it is related to God of War.

CheatsMcGee3049d ago

I'm still a bit skeptical in parts about this, but I'm excited to give it a whirl at a point.

Baross20253049d ago

It looks pretty intensive, its something I'll have to pick up along the line.