IncGamers Column: Why You Should be Excited About LA Noire

IncGamers' Andy Alderson discusses Rockstar's upcoming open world crime drama.

From the article:

"Following an extended residence in rumourville, LA Noire finally broke cover this week with a story in US mag Game Informer and, I'm not going to lie to you, I got a wee bit excited. See, I've been hankering after a decent police game for a long time now and, from what we've heard this week, LA Noire ticks many, many boxes for me [/Lassard off]. Rockstar's open world, film noir homage not only appears to pioneer some ground-breaking technology, it has the potential to be a wonderfully atmospheric and stylish game."

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Redrudy2993d ago

"hankering after a decent police game" I can say with confidence that's the first time I've heard that said.

Fyzzu2993d ago

Yeah, okay, that sounds awesome. Loving the idea of actual investigative work, and of cruising around an authentic 1940s LA.

AndyA2993d ago

I just love the idea of open worlds where the main objective is something other than creating havoc.

Maticus2993d ago

By the sounds of it so far, it has huge potential. I don't need any more reasons to be exited about it!