New Multiplayer Details for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Xbox Evolved:

"Find out exactly when you can get your hands on the multiplayer beta. "

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AridSpider2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Sweet! Multiplayer and the co-op was one of my best experiences in GRAW2. I can hardly wait

ProA0072808d ago

fully agree. The co-op missions were amazing in GRAW2

StanLee2807d ago

While a great idea, does this indicate a lack of confidence in Splinter Cell Conviction to be a successful title on its own.

Blaze9292807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

So I guess kinda like inFamous with the Uncharted 2 beta? /s

BeaArthur2807d ago

StanLee...that's such a reach. Although it will probably boost sales some, Splinter Cell is a very popular IP and doesn't need the help of a beta that will be multiple months away.

Old Greg2807d ago

But I wish Dev would let us participate without having to buy a certain game, like they do with PC betas.
But money is important i suppose, and the gamer does get a game to play---so i guess its win/win, but still.....

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Blaze9292808d ago

It's a good thing I'm buy Splinter Cell: Conviction then. Can't wait. Glad this isn't the same time as the Halo: Reach beta either.

JasonXE2808d ago

Speaking of Halo Reach I hope we got more details on that beta today

StanLee2807d ago

For real. The beta is the only reason I've held on the ODST for so long.

peeps2807d ago

"For real. The beta is the only reason I've held on the ODST for so long"

yeh lol i haven't actually completed odst. keeping it for halo 3 mp if i'm ever in the mood tho, but yeh mainly just cus i really wanan get my hands on the reach beta

BeaArthur2807d ago

StanLee...unless you are a huge Halo 3 campaign fan the reason to hold onto ODST would be for Halo 3 multiplayer. I traded in Halo 3 as soon as I discovered that disc 2 was the entire Halo 3 multiplayer experience. But the Reach beta is also a very good reason.

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tdrules2808d ago

good to see the beta going to the PC platform.
oh wait.

I don't mind too much, never been a fan of Ghost Recon, more a SWAT4/SOCOM person

ProA0072808d ago

yeah weird they are not having a PC beta

JasonXE2808d ago

I'm a bit worried about the direction Ubisoft is taking this game. They said they got competition from Modern Warfare and Battlefield now so it seems they are competing with them? As long as it's still the same third person shooter I love then whatever.

Fishy Fingers2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Beta's seem more about promoting your product, selling another product or seeing who will cough up more, than actually improving the game.

As far as I'm concerned, if the developers believe a beta is needed it should be run across all platforms to ensure a stable launch and better product for all. That is their purpose after all.

Blaze9292808d ago

no doubt its just the icing on the cake for Conviction to sell.

chak_2807d ago

same here, they ruined ghost recon anyway.

Now a proper swat 5 would be...argh lovely

Raf1k12807d ago

Completely forgot about the SWAT franchise.

A new SWAT game would be awesome.

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Grown Folks Talk2807d ago

Been a fan from the 1st person Ghost Recons on Xbox through GRAW 2. Just hoping this doesn't end up looking like an episode of the original G.I. Joe cartoon with blue & red lasers flying everywhere.

DecoyOctopus2807d ago

hmmm... might just get splinter cell conviction for this!

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