PC BioShock 2 Lack of GamePad Support Intentional

The Windows version of BioShock 2 doesn't support gamepads, and while that's been public knowledge for months, it's apparently causing a stir on the game's official message boards.

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Umbrella Corp2995d ago

When I play a PC game I intend on using my keyboard and mouse,no issue really.

PrimordialSoupBase2994d ago

Indeed. This is a bunch of pointless whining from people who should just head to console.

Blaze9292994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Not really. There are people who like gamepads but don't want to play on a system limited to how it shipped. Sure most PC gamers play with a mouse and keyboard but some like to use their PC to get the best experience and visuals but don't like the keyboard and mouse so use a gamepad.

While it may not be an issue for you and @Umbrella Corp, it's obviously an issue for others. Then showing how you didn't read the article, there is one guy for example who is disabled. I don't think that classifies as pointless whining.

badz1492994d ago

I can save some compared to buying them on PS3. so, yes I prefer gamepad even for PC games. oh well, it's not like xpadder or logitech game profiler won't work, right? so, I'm still ok with this! ;)

Ri0tSquad2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

The first one on PC had it and now the second one doesn't. People were expecting support for it. Intentionally pissing off those that support and buy your game isn't the smartest thing to do. Additionally, there's HUGE differences between native gamepad support and using Xpadder. I think they should of left native gamepad support for single player and KB&M only for multiplayer. Again, it all comes down to preference. Personally I brought this for PS3 because my mobo is dead and my laptop is a POS. I would of had no issues playing through it with a KB&M but I do understand why people would be upset with this decision.

SilentNegotiator2994d ago

Some people like using gamepads instead of a mouse and broad unintuitive flat input keys.

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moe842994d ago

Well, if this is ever fixed, I'll buy the game.

dirthurts2994d ago

You'll never play the game. I don't see them adding it, sadly.

Foxgod2994d ago

More people should use Xpadder.
Hardly any game these days got decent joypad support, but with Xpadder you can easily map your keyboard to virtually any controller.

You can even use your controller as a mouse.

Major_Tom2994d ago

Meet Foxgod, he's a pseudo PC Guru (at least that's how he thinks of himself)

Don't kid yourself slugger, keyboard and mouse is nearly 1000% more efficient and accurate.

TheIneffableBob2994d ago

I don't think anybody's arguing that the keyboard and mouse isn't better. It's obviously the best input method.

What Foxgod is saying is that, if you want to use your gamepad, there are third-party tools out there that will let you use your gamepad with ANY game, even those without official support.

Foxgod2994d ago

The Ineffable Bob is correct.

I use the gamepad when i play trough tv out, and mouse/keyboard when i play on my monitor.

Xpadder is an awesome tool.

badz1492994d ago

but I think I'm not alone preferring controller over m+k! so, Xpadder or logitech game profiler for me always. but the thing about xpadder is, they've stopped releasing new versions all together and some games like Gears, I've never managed to make it right for that game! but it works for most games, eventhough a little bit clunky, it's still a great option

multipayer2994d ago

I just ordered a 360/PC wireless reciever, because I got it cheaper than a good wireless mouse and keyboard. **** 2k! What part of "Games for Windows" do they not understand, isn't that the whole F'n point? Even using Xpadder you'd still have to mess around in the control options to figure out what key does what for alot of games, and I wanted rumble like the console version. They were more than happy to give us the muddy textures from the consoles version... wtf...

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SKUD2994d ago

Rumble pad 2. Logitech.

QQcrybaby2994d ago

Why in the f would you play a pc fps with a gamepad lol

dirthurts2994d ago

You can play it on your couch on your bigscreen...
That's why I like using one. I route my display and audio to my home theatre.

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