Resident Evil Monopoly

Starting in 2005 it took four years to complete, every location on the board is from the Resident Evil games (with Mayfair being replaced by The Spencer Mansion). Every single Chance and Community Chest card has been replaced with something to do with Resident Evil, for example one can gain the T-virus.

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Umbrella Corp2806d ago

The tits of Resident Evil have been milked dry as of today.

BRG90002806d ago

What boggles my mind is that this took 4 years to complete.

Cenobia2806d ago

Get your ass to Boardwalk in order to repel the unquenchable appetites of the dead!!!

BeaArthur2806d ago

I think that's pretty cool. Wouldn't buy it since I already have Family Guy, Star Wars and Transformers G1 monopoly, but pretty cool none the less.

Coolmanrico2806d ago

A Scene It would have been better, or something else with triva, but a Monopoly!?

Gaidrius2806d ago

RTFA. It's not for retail. It was a home-made type deal.

Roper3162806d ago

deeds for the properties & player tokens to be sold as extra expansion packs on release day. Price to be announced soon.

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