Climax: Wii owners more receptive to 'bold' ideas

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 'wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Wii'.

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Hellsvacancy3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

"Wii owners are more receptive to original thinking" yeah thats y Heavy Rains on the PS3

In my experiance the people who own wii's r either fat, poor or r young children, no offence inteneded if u fall in-2 1-of those 3

I just aint havin any mofos sayin that im an un-original thinker

dirigiblebill3051d ago

I agree with the first part, disagree with the second.

Hisiru3051d ago

You forgot: "or fans of Nintendo games or people who wanted motion controls and a better gameplay but doesn't really care for graphics".

Hellsvacancy3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Um? NO, i REALLY didnt

I aint a graphics whore (good graphics do help though) If i woz i wouldnt b playin FF8 and (believe me or not) Wonder-Boy In Monster Land at the mo would i?

qface643051d ago

im not fat (sadly)
im not poor (getting there)
im not young (sadly)

but i own a wii where does that leave me?

W-k3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

wow way to label people.where you abused by Mario as a young child ? -mario"lets a go" -Hellsvacancy "noo please Mario dont"-mario"YAHOO!&q uot;

mikeslemonade3051d ago

If Wii was HD i'd play it. It's being inferior in visuals is the root of all its problems for the hardcore gamer. I have no problem with the casual games like Wii fit and Wiisports, but the damn system is so weak. HD is the skin on top that you actually see, but all the games lack depth in all aspects like gameplay, sound, user interface etc.

yippiechicken3051d ago

admit it. You've never played a Wii game, have you?

ChickeyCantor3051d ago


The only thing left is you being GHEYYYY..

just kidding, cause his comment was just retarded.

ZoidsRaven3050d ago

Not that argument AGAIN....
I can say something similar like "Most HD gamers I see are kids and teens who only play games with blood in them, so most HD gamers must be like that.".. Now do you see how unfair it was to judge Wii owners (oh, of course you see NOW.) by what you've seen?

"yeah thats y Heavy Rains on the PS3" Yes indeed. It's originally terrible as a game (come on, 5% gameplay?), it's doing good as a movie though.

BTW: "In my experiance the people who own wii's r either fat, poor or r young children, no offence inteneded if u fall in-2 1-of those 3"
Think (and I mean it, really think) if you was right. What does that have to do with the quote? Infact, what does that have to do with ANYTHING? Your point in posting that was?

Don't bother answering, most of the people who read your post probably know the answer already. 7_7

Hellsvacancy3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I cant help it that u bunch of idiots cant READ "In my experience" i said

Like i said i aint havin any-1 say 2-me that IM an un-original thinker just coz i play hi-def gamin machine

Your probably hurt coz im right, i bet YOUR a fat, poor (stupid) teenager, hence y u feel the need defend yourself

Like u and every-1-else "u can all suck my wonga" coz i dont give a damn wot u think


ZoidsRaven3050d ago

Just another example of open zone trash finding it's way to the Wii section's gamer zone.

I basically said what does your "experience" have to do with anything. That implies I read your post.
However, there is nothing that shows you read my post.

So. Because you felt you was called an "un-original thinker", that gives you the right to bring up your "experience" with some Wii owners? Sad. In this situation, you are the only one who is "hurt" or felt "the need defend yourself". So what do you do? You bring up an "experience" of yours hoping someone takes offence it. Admit it, why else would you feel the need to post your "experience"?
Sorry to break this to you, but most people (including me) laughed at your post instead of taking offence to it.

"i bet YOUR a fat, poor (stupid) teenager"
Wow.... And here I thought most HD fanboys who troll the Wii section make their posts smart looking, to try and hide their stupidity. But you, you seem to have some pride in yours.


Hellsvacancy3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Read and PLEASE take note of wot i said mofo

"Like u and every-1-else "u can all suck my wonga" coz i dont give a damn wot u think"

Just add me 2-your ignore list and b gone wid ya

ZoidsRaven3050d ago

I didn't care that you didn't care when I made that post, and I still don't.

And how am I to get a kick out of idiots' posts on this site if I have them on Ignore? To me, posts need to be seen no matter how stupid or opinioned they are. As such. 7_7

Hellsvacancy3050d ago

Stone me we agree on sum-thin, ive added no-1 2-my ignore list (Zuck who i found EXTREMELY annoyin)

Heres a bubble 4 your time

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Umbrella Corp3051d ago

The Wii is an enjoyable experience to some cant we just except the fact that the world doesnt revolve around ones self?I can imagine how happy a child can be or a core gamer would when playing with a Wii,do you really want to take that away from them?

dirigiblebill3051d ago

I don't think anyone's saying the Wii doesn't deserve to exist...?

Umbrella Corp3051d ago

Well people are not wording it that way but you have to admit support for the Wii on this site is close to non existent.I used to own one but I sold it.Wasnt my cup of tea Im sure many can relate.

soren3051d ago

the article dont say what has origanality but what gamers are looking for something new? then again silent hill aint new but its true that ps3 and 360 gamers mainly play FPS games am i right?

SpoonyRedMage3051d ago

No offense to Climax, they're a good dev who are putting quality content on the Wii but the reason it's on the Wii is because it's cheap to make, the same reason it's on PS2 and PSP, not because we're more receptive to 'bold' ideas because you could argue the exact opposite.

dgroundwater3050d ago

Well still throw them a bone man. SH:SM is great and it's because of the Wii's hardware. It's a technical achievement as I'm sure you agree; it may have looked better with an HD budget on the 360/PS3, but the Wii is it's home man.

SpoonyRedMage3050d ago

Oh yeah, totally agree and Climax are doing great work on the Wii, Overlord: Dark Legend is very, very underrated but Konami didn't bankroll SM on the idea that Wii owners were more receptive to bold ideas, they bankrolled it on the idea that it was much cheaper.

tiamat53051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

No offense to any Wii owners but get real. I realised Nintendo has lost its imagination and innovation since they made Waluigi and made their 10th Mario Party game,25th Mario game and 2000th Pokemon game. Silent Hill Shattered Memories wasn't a bold idea,Neither was Conduit or Madworld. I am sorry to say that the only reason the Wii is still alive is because of low stadards. No one really expects the Wii to surpass any PS3 or Xbox 360 game so they judge it using as low a standard as possible so it will look good. Why do you think they always say 'good for a Wii game' and 'graphics don't matter'? Because if you compare a Wii game to any other console game it pales in comparison. When the Conduit came out you notice they didn't say it was as good as Uncharted or Halo or Resistance or Gears of War. PS3 is now on the forefront of boldness as Heavy Rain, MNR, LBP and Infamous prove. Nintendo just lies in corner and prays that no one ever gets tired of Mario, Zelda and Pokemon because that day will spell their doo

Seferoth753051d ago

I just love the ignorance of your post.... Why cant a low budget 3rd party developer come up with a game that gets a metacritic as high as other consoles 1st party games....

Let's counter that and show you how stupid you look...

How many 3rd party PS3 games havea metacritic rating as high as SMG on Wii? Oh not many at all if any. So I guess by your logic PS3 is a complete POS and a waste of time?

No you say? Funny using your own logic it is...
No offense though.

soren3051d ago

hevy rain herd it was good dont no noting about it or seen it but i hope its not another first person shooter -_- only game im looken 4 on ps3 is ZOE3, lost planet 2 3d dot hero which is so not orginal lol but yea lbp is ify but i cant see it going far but w.e keep ur dumb comments 2 your self and play Gients of war cus those arent even ppl der taller then blue ppl from avatar lol note i did not say gears sucks o.o never played it im up 4 a try =p

ChickeyCantor3051d ago

" When the Conduit came out you notice they didn't say it was as good as Uncharted or Halo or Resistance or Gears of War."

They aren't dumb, they know they can't achieve the visual quality of the Ps3/360.
This however doesn't mean all PS3/360 games are better gameplay wise.
Wii still has a solid library of games with game play, and if good isn't enough for ya, then please cry us a river in HD.

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