DICE Taking Hacking More Seriously with BFBC2

DICE is looking to help make sure servers and gamers are protected from the inevitable hacks that will be made for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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Umbrella Corp3025d ago

DICE,reliability and quality,everything Infinity Ward is not.

chak_3025d ago

hmm yeah, let's first wait for release eh.

if friend list and server browser aren't fixed I would say so.

Otherwise they rock :p

deadreckoning6663025d ago

I was playing this on my PS3 last night. I started playing at 12am and next time I checked the time it was 4am lol. Bad Company 2 IMO is the most entertaining FPS this gen. I didn't thk there would be another FPS that would take me away from KZ2, but Bad Company 2 did it.

-Alpha3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

These guys are underrated in the FPS department. IMO Bungie, Valve, and DICE are easily the most respectable.

QUNE3025d ago

I really need to start playing this demo.... I missed out on the PC deal through Barnes & Noble for $ 23.00. DICE is taking advantage of IW's miscues. Lets hope they don't let us down.

BeaArthur3025d ago

Donger...yeah DICE couldn't have hoped for more. Not only do they have a better game (at least in my opinion, and apparently many others as well) but the also received a gift from IW by them botching their multiplayer so badly. Even more so, MW2 has been out just long enough for people to finally start getting tired of the glitches and hacks. This really could not have played out any better for DICE.

Monchichi0253025d ago

If anybody reading this hasn't downloaded and tried the are missing out!!! This game is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Ausknight3025d ago

40 Hours on the demo ALONE so far - the game is THAT GOOD.

BF:BC2 will be crowned the new king in online FPS in early march, especially for the console market.

If you haven't played this game yet you need to do so NOW.

For my money, BC2 is the sleeper hit in the FPS genre for 2010 and quite possibly FPS GOTY already.

I can't wait to play the single player campaign and the multiplayer is quite simply the most satisfying gameplay experience you can have online with a group of friends. Blowing up buildings is SO MUCH FUN! Never gets old... ;)

SpaceFox3025d ago

WOW 40 HOURS? That's more than me. I got about 30 and I play this game constantly. Was about 400 on the PS3 leaderboards but I stopped playing for 2 days and dropped to 1200! D:

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BeaArthur3025d ago

All developers should take hacking/modding seriously. It can ultimately affect their sales. I (like many others) picked up MW2 but have already traded it in so IW will not receive anymore money from me for DLC. Also I will really debate on whether to pick up the next CoD that is done by IW. All because they couldn't/didn't take the necessary steps to insure the quality of their product.

divideby03025d ago

they got to look at some of the vids showing exploits....the explosion one is lol funny

Rich16313025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Even though I personally don't care about leaderboards ( I know I'll never get even in the top 1 million), it really bugs me that Infinity Ward won't fix the hacked leaderboards. It just shows total laziness and disregard for quality. Glad to know BC2 will be getting better support between the dedicated servers and hack protection.

SL1M DADDY3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I have over ten days in and have reached near 46,000 on the leader boards. A friend of mine has 16 days in and is around 16,000. It can be done without cheating, you just need to play more.

Dave13513024d ago

I totally agree with this, The first bad company was almost perfect it didnt have any glitches or anything