Why the PS3 will eventually sell more units than the Xbox 360

GB writes: "Ok before I start this editorial, I will like to make one point very clear. I am not a PlayStation 3 fan boy or an Xbox 360 hater. In fact I have both gaming consoles and love them. Then why the hell I am claiming that PlayStation 3 will eventually sell more than the Xbox 360? The reason being that I have been following this generation of gaming since it began in 2005. I am no industry analyst but this editorial is basically a representation of what a gamer like me will think. Now let's get started."

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ubiquitious2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

When I'm on one of my four PS3's playing online, why is it that I can not speak to a friend who is on XMB, or playing a PS3, PS2, or PSN game? Voice communication is the most basic service a console can provide.

Sure, SONY has nice graphics, but until party chat is implemented on PSN, the PS3 is still considered last gen.

And last gen sales don't matter.

FangBlade2748d ago

"And as is the trend, people always prefer buying quality games and that is one of the major reasons as to why I see the PlayStation 3 selling more units than the Xbox 360 in the longer run."

We dont need an article to tell us something we already know.

-Alpha2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

But this takes the assumption that MS is going to sit around doing nothing.

Come on, there is a reason why MS has been successful, and they aren't going to just sit around. If Sony's sales every become a major threat Microsoft would do something major. Also, sales of a console =/= profits.

Sony still hasn't broke even and are still losing money off of consoles. MS's success comes from the hardware and the millions of LIVE Gold subscribers.

Sales really don't matter anyway.

I think Sony has done a great job catching up. It's funny though, both 360 and PS3 fans forget about the Wii. It's as if it doesn't exist like the PC because it's so out of the league of chance that they simply fight for second place. The problem is that the future is not predictable and we have no idea how Natal and Arc will affect sales. If any of the motion controls becomes very successful then it could drive sales in another path.

thor2748d ago

Wow... way to take a simple feature and blow it way out of proportion. So what, I can't have a discussion about random crap with someone else whilst I'm playing a game. Surely being able to communicate in-game is a much more important feature, and surely being able to use text chat goes some way to providing that functionality.

I could blow another feature out of proportion if you wish. What about aliases? On Steam I can change my name to what I like, when I like. Xbox 360 can't be called "next-gen" until it allows me to choose my own name (without using XXx___thor___xXX or thor1434234235, just thor) and to change it whenever I like without paying (even mid-game to express my mood!). Steam allows that, but the 360 doesn't so it's last-gen.

bjornbear2748d ago

voice chat service = next gen


AAACE52748d ago

The Ps3 is a good system, but one of the main problems with it is that Sony stepped away from what made the Ps1 and Ps2 so popular. On their previous two systems, they allowed tons of games to be made. Now that they are focusing on more high profile games, those other games have found a home on consoles like the Wii. It's true that those games for the Wii are mostly shovelware, but having the most variety of games is what made the previous systems do so well.

In the end, I think this gen will stay pretty much even.

davekaos2748d ago

Just curious to this but i wonder what the figures would have bean if the ps3 had released world wide at same time.
Like usual uk always gets things last :(

taylork372748d ago


Voice chat is part of being next gen. Stop being ignorant because the PS3 doesn't have it. If the PS3 had it and the 360 didn't I'm sure you would saying the opposite.

snaz272748d ago

non hdd consoles are next gen, battery powered cotrollers are next gen? add on wifi is next gen? pfft your comment was hilarious.. i dont care if ps3 sells more! all that i care about is i have one, and it is the by far best value for money.. and is by far the best quality product! cant play sales, and i dont own shares!

ubiquitious2748d ago

When did I say "next gen"? This is all current gen.

davekaos2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

When I'm on one of my four Xbox 360's playing online, why is it that I lag so much and my gaming experience is ruined, Lag is something that is easily resolved by adding dedicated servers. surely with subscription fees that we have to pay for Xbox live you would think we would get dedicated servers.

Sure, MS Keeps my room warm in the winter, but until Lag free play and dedicated servers is implemented on Xbox live, the 360 is still considered last gen.

And last gen sales don't matter

SL1M DADDY2748d ago

Thanks for your opinion. Thankfully however, it is not a shared opinion with the majority. Each console has strengths and weaknesses. Sure for some it would be nice to have cross game chat on the PS3 but in no way doe having that feature or not having that feature make a game console any more or less "next gen". Next gen is defined by the overall hardware progression. If it is leaps and bounds over the last gen then it is next gen and to be honest, each console is better defined at this time as current gen.

What you are saying is simply flame bait and quite out of place. It leads me the believe that the idea you have four PS3's itself is simply a lie to try and bolster your claim of the PS3 being last gen... It's just plain silly.

taylork372748d ago


I'm going to assume you are implying that the PS3 would be leading...but you then forget that sales are not the only thing that comes with an earlier release, or a later release if you talking about the 360. If the PS3 was released a year earlier, then you would see technology differences of that one year. If the 360 was released one year later, then you would see 1 year more advanced technology from the 360. You might also see changed in hardware that might eliminate the RROD.

Those points and I'm sure others, would definitely change things in more ways than you are trying to point out.

Monchichi0252748d ago

I don't think we can really honestly predict till after Natal is released. Natal has a lot of Mass market buzz and if MS capitalizes on this then it's Gameover. If Natal fails then Sony wins!

and I must Add, that no matter how this console Generation, isn't still a win for Nintendo and MS??? Hear me out on this first. Last generation, PS2 absolutely dominated the Xbox and the GameCube. Sony came into this generation with some serious momentum! So just that fact that Nintendo has beat them and MS is beating them at this point is a HUGE win for both companies. Add to that fact that both MS and Nintendo are both hugely profitable while Sony is bleeding red is also of utter importance. After all, these companies are in it for the money, not for our enjoyment.

pocketaces112748d ago

You're saying PS3 is last gen because it doesn't function like a phone??? I agree from time to time I would like that feature. But to say a system is last gen only on this one feature is pretty lame. I'm sorry I'm a gamer and I get far more entertainment from these games then anything on the X-box (I would like to have Mass Effect 1&2 though I'll give you that) But I barely have time to play the games I have let allone having those very long games.

Next time think a little before putting a fanboy responce as we can all play that game back and forth I could be really imature and say RROD cough which in my opinion should have been the death of M$ you all should have boycotted them and drove them into the ground for that crap but that's just my opinion.

edgeofblade2748d ago

PS will outsell 360. This isn't hard to see. But the level of confidence I have in that statement fluctuates wildly. Why then would I settle on an answer to this question when Arc and Natal haven't even launched yet? The best is still yet to come in this gen, and I expect that from both the 360 and the PS3.

I expect NOTHING new from Nintendo anymore. My hope is that at the end of this generation, both Sony and Microsoft whip their ass, but that's just wishful thinking now.

CWMR2748d ago

-Nothing is assured. The ps3 might close the gap for awhile and then the 360 might come back and widen it more. There are simply way too many factors and unknown curves in the road up ahead. Why don't we just enjoy our games for now and just wait and see how things go, instead of wasting our time on conjecture.-

Danny Dan2748d ago

It frustates me to no end when someone mentions the PC or Wii when talking about the 360 & PS3. The basic reason nobody mentions those 2, is because no one really cares about the Wii or PC.

Not all major games that are coming out belong to the PC. The only things you got going for them is your MMOs/RTSs of course... what else? Shooters that are heading to the consoles? Sales on the PC are just a blip, thats why developers are not only making it on the PC but on the consoles for even bigger revenue. Dragon's age (as one example of many) came to consoles, Crysis sales flopped, and Blizzard is the only company actually making tons of money, and they don't account for all games on the PC, compared to the dozens upon dozens of great games found on the PS3/360 alone from a wide-variety of companies.

Wii, for one, has no third party games. Secondly, their demographic doesn't want Gears of War or Killzone. So why mention them? Congratulations that they dominated the "console" market... but what else did they dominate besides sales? Games...? I don't think so. Everyone can agree, that we're gamers at heart... we want games, we don't wanna compare the Wii sales with everyone else when the Wii hasn't really done anything to provide us with awesome games. You get your occasional Mario and Zelda... but man, those games can't be spit out every 6 months or every year, and the Wii can't provide that.

In conclusion, don't bother mentioning the Wii and PC when it comes to the PS3 and 360 - Cause the Playstation and Xbox are in their own league.

StanLee2748d ago

Anyone expecting the PS3 to outsell the XBox 360 in the XBox 360's lifetime is high. Anyone expecting the XBox 360's life cycle to extend passed 2011 is even higher.

FlameBaitGod2748d ago

Wow taylork37 and bui LOL! damage control much, should I start saying all the things 360 dont have LOL, Ill make it look like last gen kids


I'm with you...I agree they wont do that....Also ps3 wil pass xbox 360..but the fact Sony did not dominate this gen is good enough for MS...

Rockox2748d ago

The PS3 and 360, fighting for second place! As Seinfeld would say: "Congratulations, you almost won. Of all the losers, you came in first of that group. You're the number one LOSER. No one lost ahead of you."

himdeel2748d ago

...that after GOW3, GT5, and whatever exclusive game Rockstar drops I feel confident PS3 will surpass 360 completely.

davekaos2748d ago

"Just curious to this but i wonder what the figures would have bean if the ps3 had released world wide at same time."

In what way does that sound like i am implying the ps3 would be in the lead??.
It doesn't, read the thing next time idiot

Sarcasm2748d ago

"Voice communication is the most basic service a console can provide. "

No, playing online is a Basic service. And I highly doubt you have 4 PS3's and claim it's a last gen console.

darthv722748d ago

SNES did at some point pass the genesis in total number of units sold. This can be attributed to many things. The release of the Saturn, PS1 or 32x or the release of SF2. All I'm saying is that basically there will be a point to which saturation of a console has been reached and therefore the only likely choice for consumers is to pick up the next one.

MS doesnt offer a 10 year plan like Sony so it is ONLY OBVIOUS that the point will come and ps3 will top 360 sales overall. What these companies are really after is topping themselves. Topping the competition is one thing but if you can top yourself then you have reason to be proud of what you created. PS2 topped the ps1 and maybe some day the ps3 will top the ps2 but that may seem a bit unlikely. I mean no disrespect to sony but it is technically their 3rd console. Anyone who even remotely has followed the game industry and previous console generations will back me up on this. The 2nd system to come from a console MFG has historically been their biggest seller.

You go back and look at previous consoles and compare their first release to the second to the third and even the fourth and can see that total sales of a system has been the highest at the 2nd system. The only exception to this may be currently with nintendo. The wii is their 5th home console released and is enjoying a return to popularity amongst consumers.

Who knows what would happen if sega chose to go for the 5th round. It might make it because it could be the right time (sega been out of mkt for a few years) or they could end up like atari and the jaguar (their 5th console release).

Really it all comes down to support by the parent company. If sony continues to pump support into both the ps2 and ps3 then it will only prolong the ps3 sales in the end. PS2 needs a good send off and then they can focus all their efforts on ps3. MS will only keep the 360 for maybe another 1-2 years at most. They are working on their 3rd console (we all know they are) but will it suffer from the 3rd console curse like ALL consoles before it? It very well may be but it is obviously to early to call it a member of the 3rd console curse club.

Just FYI...a few notable members of the 3rd console curse club are (in no particular order):
Atari: 5200
Sega: Saturn
Nintendo: N64
Sony: PS3 (unofficial member)

By no means were these systems bad...they just did not surpass the total sales of the previous system from the same mfg.

ThanatosDMC2748d ago

Paying a separate fee from your network provider to play online with friends is next gen. /s

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

@ubiquitious -

Don't worry, PSN Premium have your Cross Game chat.

Besides, PSN Premium will be better than Live can offer (not fanboyism, because if you check the services, you can see it is better than Live gold).

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NateNater2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Of course the author always has to start out by saying "I iz not teh fanboi!"

But we all know deep down inside he really is :)

Anyway...I think PS3 will eventually outsell 360 but as for the Wii, I'm not too sure about that. But who really cares about sales anyway :-P

tehk1w12748d ago

More or less the standard of writing at GB. They fail at being journalists.

2cents2748d ago

intellectual idiots.

in a nutshell

The Meerkat2748d ago

Because sales of the 360 will slow down once its replacement which will be 4 times faster than a PS3 is available.