Best of 360 Case Mods to Date

Simply Put: These are the best Case mods for the 360 the world has to offer right now!

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KA-BAR4190d ago

Those are some great case mods, good job Ru !!

Captain Tuttle4190d ago

People have some serious talent. Thanks for posting each image too.

But you know, that song really hasn't aged well. I remember liking it back in the day but now it just sounds awful.

Ru4190d ago

These were all thrown together wile intoxicated!
So The video probably could of been better if I would of wanted to spend more time than 30 minutes editing!
I should Of.
Still came out Ok so No harm no Foul, I guess.
In the upcomming months I'll Keep searchin the net for the newest and best case mods for consoles and then make a Sequal
Except unlike in realLife this Sequal will be better than the original.
Thanks for watching!

AudioRage4190d ago

very nice, excellent post!

Ignorant Fanboy4189d ago

Music was ok, but your right, and the sequel better have 2 songs!

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