Bad Company 2 demo downloaded 2 million times

TVGB: "PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions combined, the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo saw over two million downloads in its first five days of availability, EA has announced, and is well on its way towards becoming the fastest downloaded demo in the company's history. With hundreds of thousands of users having signed up since its January 28 launch, the PC beta is doing good as well."

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xjoshbx2901d ago

Not being able to side-step with the left stick while running kills it for me. Feels like you're running in a cast.

BeaArthur2901d ago

Because strafing and running at the same time is incredibly realistic. How many times in your life have you seen someone do that?

TooTall192901d ago

Considering what you can/can't do in BFBC2 compared to other FPS, saying that the game is broken because you can't sprint side-stepping is pretty lame. What game allows you to do that anyway?

Ultra Gamer2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Seriously? I didn't even notice that until someone mentioned it so obviously it's not that important. That's a stupid thing to ruin a game for you.

PSN: thefury135

Fanb0y2901d ago

Go battlefield!
About 13 hours into the demo.

i3eyond the Circle2901d ago

I've had more fun with this demo than I did with the entire MW2 multiplayer.

Every game seems fresh and different with different enemies that take different approaches.

The leveling up system is less noob friendly.

On top of that the graphics are soooooo beautiful it makes me want to play more.

chak_2901d ago

I'd like to know how many players on the PC beta other than "good"

I'm already around 40H on 1 map, that's quite insane.

TooTall192901d ago

I heard people who participated in the betas get some special goods.

chak_2901d ago

naked womans?

That'd be great !

ILLINOIS2901d ago

This will be the best shooter out. The weapons and vehicles are great. Blowing up stuff is always a blast.

ELite_Ghost2901d ago

idk about the best...
but it'll def dethrone mw2.
Personally the graphics pretty much look the same... and the gameplay too...
I really hope the bring up more game modes... I'm tired of blowing up boxes...
Conquest was fun but came too late...

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