Did the Halo 3 Beta Kill the Hype?

One of the writers at expresses his thoughts on the affect of the Halo 3 beta.

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Ichabod134190d ago

Honestly, I'm a fan of Halo. :P I just feel like there is a part of me that is not excited for the game, as I was for Halo 2. Is anyone else out there feeling the same after playing the beta?

cain1414190d ago

I couldn't manage to get a code, and I'm not willing to buy a game to play a beta [I did try renting crackdown though]

Blackfrican4190d ago

I am Hyped for this game. Camera Features Remind me of Pokemon Snap. Graphics are even better then Viva Pinata. Gameplay is better then Pimp My Ride Collectors Edition.

Btw, from my bungie source:

:Single Player will be interplanetary, with each planet having their own gravity.
:multiplayer max players will be minimum 10 on 10 (hence the need for killionare medal) without promoting spawn camping
:spawns will be semi widespread to decrease spawn camping, or concealed spawns (laser wall things from snowbound)

Texas GMR4190d ago

I still think the first Halo was the best, multi and single player both. You want hype... ...release the original Halo on XBOX LIVE.

Blackfrican4189d ago

Halo 3 is rediculously expensive. And for a game that only features single and multiplayer I find it hard that people are excited about it. The discovery of Master cheif being white destroyed the jesus like skin color. Compare what else you could get with 60$

240 McNuggets
60 Double Cheeseburgers
60 Bottles of water (3 bottles != 1 gallon)
20 Gallons of gas
12 Baseball tickets
5 Disc Golf Discs
3 discs with information on how to get rich from your own home
2 Copies of Viva Pinata
1 Decent Ping Pong Paddle

And the list goes on forever? What makes these game companies think they can charge $60.00 for a game that only has single-player and multi-player. I myself will buy 2 Baseball tickets, 1 get rich quick CD, 5 gallons of gas, 3 bottles of water, and a Disc Golf Disc.

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tony4190d ago

well, the beta is just that, a beta, but the beta just didn't show much of what it may be in the final product. but after seeing call of duty 4, everything that halo may have ,i think is not going to compare with the new version of call of duty. sorry, halo fans.i know some take halo criticism very hard, but the truth is that, call of duty still in the beta stage and it looks better that the halo beta and the gameplay looks insanely great, better that the last piece of junk they released; but i know halo is the cream of the cream for Microsoft and when the game is out it may be something that may blow our minds out or not.we'll see.

The BS Police4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Becuase the amount of people who have played the Beta are having difficulty playing Halo 2 again, also with the ARG marketing going on more and more fans want to hear about the single player side of Halo 3.

Ichabod134190d ago

I wish I could agree with you there, the single player is going to be nice. I already know that. We all know that it's going to finish the game, the only questions are then how it ends and how the game plays/looks.

And again, this is just an opinion on a "feeling" :P

ThisIsWaiting4190d ago

was that it was the firt time on your Xbox that you could play Halo online.

I really dont know what H3 would have to do to be able to match that type of excitement.

Im really looking forward to H3, but I was totally jazzed for H2.

Dont take this the wrong way, I think H3 is going to kick some serious a$$.

Xi4190d ago

the Finish The fight, is the source of the hype for halo 3.

Diselage4189d ago

I fully agree with that, being able to play Halo online was amazing. Playing Halo on the lan was great but online just opened up such a whole new world and Halo 3 just is going to have trouble meeting that excitement level.

Bloodmask4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

to live up to the expectations that people had. When you raise the bar so high it just can't be met.

I think Halo 3 did what it was supposed to do. Just improve on the Halo formula.

There is a reason why Halo is the #1 online console game. The formula works so why change it.

texism4190d ago

Exactly. Too much hype can be a bad thing. Look at Killzone. I played it and honestly, it wasn't THAT bad. I enjoyed it actually. I think it was the "Halo killer" hype that made it fall...hard.

But yeah, I played the beta. There's isn't really much that Halo 3 can improve on imo.

Except maybe if they added a flying-ninja-launcher