Konami announces 2nd Metal Gear Online European Championship

PS3Hype writes: 'Konami has just announced via a press release that this was another Metal Gear Online tournament organizing. Together with makes it possible to Konami Metal Gear Online reward fans for their hard work on the battlefield. Teams of 6 persons will compete against each other. The tournament is open to anyone who lives in Europe, and there are great prizes to win!'

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hay2807d ago

I'd prefer announcement of MGS4:S and/or trophies.

TheDuke772805d ago

They botched this Metal Gear Online so bad by not using PSN. Didnt even realize people still played this.

ZBlacktt2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Why would anybody enter the worlds most cheated online game. Well, next to any COD game that is, lol... I gave up after 1200 hours leaving my 2 high "legit" non boosted player's just sitting. Couldn't take all the lag switch player's. MGO "was" hella fun for about the first 6 months. Then came more glitcher's and lag cheaters than legit player's. The Survival and Tourney's were and still are nothing but cheater's.