MW2 is 'a roadmap for future launches'

Activision talks up 'exceptional' launch campaign for Modern Warfare 2.

Publisher Activision says it will use the learnings of the Modern Warfare 2 launch for future releases.

The game has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide, and was backed by a huge retail campaign – making Modern Warfare 2 the biggest game launch in the industry's history.

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D4RkNIKON3080d ago

Well MW2 gave them PLENTY of mistakes to learn from. I love how they look at this from a sales standpoint, sure the game was successful as far as sales go, but in the community this game was a massive joke. Every day new exploits and glitches are discovered, the leaderboards have been reset how many times now?

Rob Hornecker3080d ago

Just because they spent a boat load of money on advertising and had over 1 billion $$$ in sales,does not make it a outstanding game. I hope that they take there "What we learned" additude and put it to use in making the next CoD a bit more glitch free. ( BETA test!?!)

It seems that most of the same issues that made the 1st MW unenjoyable found there way into MW2 to the point of making the mutliplayer VS mode no fun to play unless you to take advantage of the cheats and glitches.

The compittion has taken notice and there will be a full market of modern combat games coming out over the next the way I see it ,MW2's claim of being #1 may not last long!!!


dgroundwater3079d ago

Lets hope the roadmap doesn't include epic glitchery. Other that it's up to consumers to buy other games besides COD. Even BFBC2 is alot better based on the demo IMO.