Interstellar Marines crowdsourced funding not what it seems

ARS: Interstellar Marines hopes to buck the trend of small-scale independent games created on shoestring budgets. The title has been worked on by a dedicated team for a number of years and relies on a unique business plan: community members who are willing to pre-order the game fund development. The real story, however, may not be that simple.

A Danish journalist contacted Ars Technica to point out that Zero Point Software's financial history isn't as solid as it leads the public to believe, and the company's previous incarnation was shut down after declaring bankruptcy. Did we have the wool pulled over our eyes? The answer isn't a simple one, and those who chose to preorder need to know what they're getting into.

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Blaze9292991d ago

Soooo is this still coming out on PS3/360 or not?