Activision blames PS2 for software decline

Firm predicts PS2, DS and PSP software sales to decrease this year.

Falling PS2 game sales is to blame for a ten per cent decline in the software market in US and Europe last year, says Activision.

The firm's publishing boss Mike Griffith made the claim during Activision's conference call following its financial report – and added that he expects game sales of PS2, DS and PSP to decline significantly this year as well.

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alphakennybody3027d ago

does B.kotick want SONY to cut Ps2 price or else?

hay3027d ago

"Or else what?"

PS2 is 9 years old. It's huge success it happened that late. And also, they aren't blaming anything. They just say how it is. Decline in sales of PS2 and handhelds.

This title is simple click-bait.

alphakennybody3027d ago

I was being sarcastic btw, I'm fully aware of the ps2 delcine.

StanLee3027d ago

@ Hay

Whoa, you so missed the sarcasm in his statement. LMAO!

A Cupcake for Gabe3027d ago

The PS2 is old and it continuously to threaten the 360's sales every month in Japan.

It still sells a crap ton of consoles each year.

The PSP and DS are the highest selling systems out on the market today.

Hey Bobby, Can you pass that cocaine this way you douchebag...

Raz3027d ago

"..He adds that Activision remains largely unaffected by these declines due to the firm's 'lack of exposure' to the PS2 and handheld market."

Oooooh, Activision's JEALOUS! lmao XD

Megaton3027d ago

I don't see how any of you can support Activision with your money. When they're not cranking out half-assed sequels, they're crapping outta their mouths.

SuperStrokey11233027d ago


I 100% agree, infact i wanted MW2 pretty bad but i refusedt to buy it new. In fact i told my wife i would only accept it used if she bought it for me for xmas. Well she found it used and I was rather happy about it.

Had It not been used i wouldnt have got it, plain and simple

hay3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

@Eddy Raja & Stan: I didn't miss anything. Quotes are for your comment, the rest is about the article.
I know there are hordes of idiots online but come on :D

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Raf1k13027d ago

People in the US and Europe have been losing interest in the PS2 for the past few years now.
It was going to happen sooner or later as it's getting to the end of it's life but later on they may be able to make a quick profit from HD remakes of PS2 classics.

-Alpha3027d ago

But it kept kicking and great games kept pumping.

The title of this article makes it sound really negative, but they are just indicating how software for PS2 was high for Activision. It's not like Activision is saying "omg, Sony sucks, it's all their fault".

A Cupcake for Gabe3027d ago

PS2 ended with Persona 4 and FFXII

Frulond3027d ago

does anyone cares what Milktivision says anymore?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

PS2 is the only system Sony can actually sell a game on :D

Karooo3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

good going jason.


blitz06233027d ago

and Micro$hit doesn't have a system that can actually sell a game

Roper3163027d ago

isn't there some multiplat or what bots think are exclusives you should be playing? Oh I know your crapbox must have crapout again because that is what they do best, breakdown!

5-oj3027d ago

Poor xbot has no games to play... :(

PS2 > 360, FACT!

Whitefox7893027d ago

I like you to say that in front of the PS1 Library

3027d ago
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mandeep18033027d ago

I was doing advanced physics hw when I LOLed at my screen

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