Killzone 3 details in "next few months"

PS3 owners should expect to see the first details on Killzone 3 in the "next few months", according to the latest issue of PSM3.

The mag's latest rumour column simply says to "expect more on Guerilla's FPS sequel over the next few months." E3 perhaps?

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Dylantalon12960d ago

i cant wait to see a screen shot or a video of killzone 3 because i know the game will be stunning .

-Alpha2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Guerilla Games were really supportive and I used to be on the forums a lot and then they went on a "break". I assumed they would return with more DLC like more modes and maps...

Yet, they haven't seemed to come back to take care of some small things.

I'm still waiting for an actual friend invite system.

I guess they are done with K2, which is too bad I wanted more dynamic maps. Southern Hill noobs= Awesome.

Also, this news is old :/

D4RkNIKON2960d ago

Meh, I am ready for a new game. KZ2 had it's flaws and has room for improvements. Destructible environments, co-op, vehicles, new weapons, maps on Vecta to name a few that people have been asking for. Don't get me wrong, KZ2 is one of the most powerful and visually amazing games on the PS3 to date.

Also, I thought the KZ3 news was supposed to hit some time THIS month!

Bodyboarder_VGamer2960d ago

Fix the controls and this might be one of the best games of 2010.

Zeal0t2960d ago

I'm really excited for KZ3. I'm curious if GG can improve the graphics significantly over KZ2.

Colonel-Killzone2960d ago

I am really excited to me Killzone 2 was the best FPS of 2009. Keep the same classes add some new ones more ranks also a party chat would be awesome GG is one of the few that i love because they actually listen to what the fans say. Do not change the controls because of the call of duty trolls they seriously piss me off. Co-op would be a very nice feature also. =)

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