Confirmed: World Exclusive God of War III review awards 9/10

The Lost Gamer writes "Subscribers to the Official PlayStation Magazine (UK), have been treated today in being able to get their hands on reading the world exclusive review of the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive, God of War III."

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THC CELL3084d ago

No game worth a 10 god of war can get 1 out of Ten and still people will buy

SIX3084d ago

well if the game is getting deducted for it's familiar controls then I'm relieved because I wouldn't want the controls to change. The GOW control system is why it's such a fun game.

bnaked3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

God of War 3 is 10/10

Nobody can change that fact :-)

The Santa Monica studios didn't want to change the control system, because they know, we fans love it.

"Never change a winning formular"

And what's wrong with the "familiarity of the core gameplay"???? Damn, it's God of War. I don't want changes. I just want to see gow2 in more epic. Thats all we fans need. That's 10/10.

Bungie3084d ago

nooooo why no 10/10 OMG no buy


i really don't care how much it gets GOW 3 is a must buy for me

starvinbull3084d ago

9/10, I'll take that. Wiped any faint shadow of doubt as to whether I get it day one. I am very,very tempted to get the £100 version.

Any suggestion that PS3 owners will form mobs intent on skewering anyone brave enough to award less than 10 is wishful thinking. It only speaks of the quality of Uncharted 2 that it receives and will receive higher review scores than any other PS3 exclusive.

I'm guessing an 8 or 7 from Edge.

VsAssassin3084d ago Show
Downtown boogey3084d ago

Official Playstation Magazine UK has given the previous iterations of the God of War franchise some of the lowest scores they ever received.
For an example:
God of War 2: 8/10

bnaked3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I bet the user score will be an all time high ^^

Chris3993084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )


Sorta. I think I'm too old for this generation's idea of what cool is. And no, I'm not crying about "review scores" or anything of the sort. I'm sure that GOW III will get heaps of praise across the board. But it probably would have done better (commercially and otherwise) as "GOW 2210 XXX" - Kratos Rapes the Footure!"

Edit @ Bungie. Make sure you pick up a PS3 too; you'll need one of those to play the game.
And You must be a religious man, 'cause how you have any bubbles left is really a miracle.

Raf1k13084d ago

I personally don't see why familiar controls are a bad thing. It is a sequel after all and sequels are meant to provide more of the same with improvements.

IMO the only reason anyone should knock the controls of any game is if they weren't previously quite fit for purpose and haven't been improved.

Coffin873084d ago

how can they test an unfinished and not-perfectly-polished game? this is bullshit imo ...

DarkMantrid3084d ago

Would be like changing an fps games controller to only be able to move your character around with the d-pad.


Danteh3084d ago

cant wait to be raped in titan mode :D

Ravage273084d ago

if familiarity is the the only thing stopping it from a perfect 10, i've no doubt this game is going to blow my mind.

great score considering GOW2 got only a 8 from these guys and that game is the pinnacle of action games imo.

Christopher3084d ago

The game to them is more of a 9.5/10, but they don't round up and they don't do decimal points. Honestly, having just beat Dante's Inferno (yeah, beat it in less than 6 hours, that's how short the game is), it can't be as sloppy of a game as that one. So far, it's been a good year for hack & slash games. Still playing Darksiders, it's a really good GoW+DMC+LoZ type of game and does so many things right and very little wrong. Dante's Inferno seemed like they rushed it and didn't understand how important camera control and fluid movement are to these games (as well as not doing any auto-saves when you find items, only at actual save points). I'm sure they'll do a Dante 2, but I hope they bring their A game to that one, because they brought their high C, low B game to the first one.

Marquis_de_Sade3084d ago

Coffin, the game is more than likely finished now, and probably has been for a few weeks.

syanara3084d ago

well JEEZE I CAN WAIT the challenge of the gods from the first game had me making my own curse words!

Darkstorn3084d ago

Well at least no one's accused OPM UK of being 360 fanboys for giving it a "low" review.
This is a definite purchase for me, and 9/10 is a wonderful score.

DarkTower8053084d ago

This is the 3rd installment of a trilogy and they complain about controls? Also, no other games at the moment (other than Dantes's Inferno) use the same control scheme, so what's the deal?

gaffyh3084d ago

Same combat controls? That's retarded, would you give less points to Tekken if it had the same controls? or Street Fighter?

Very stupid reason to dock points. But either way, a great score for an undoubtedly great game.

weazel3084d ago

It's a relative sliding scale! These reviewers gave the first god of war a 6, the second an 8, so by giving the third a nine, they've clearly marked it out as the best one yet. From a personal perspective, the first one was a 9, the second a 10, so, to say the least, i'm pumped for this game! Pre-order the trilogy-edition style pumped.

BRG90003084d ago

True, but this is the case with almost all print magazine reviews. They have to finalize their content weeks and weeks before the magazines hit newsstands, so they usually have to arrange with publishers to receive early review copies, otherwise the review can't possibly hit the public while anyone still cares. This is true of almost every review in this and other magazines, so you can rest assured they review the game with this in mind.

FragGen3084d ago

You know, I've been playing God of War Collection and it drives me bonkers that there is no camera control. I know this will butthurt the fanboys but it really feels very "last gen" to not have any control over the camera. That made perfect sense in the PS2 days but I'm so *used* to having control of the camera on my modern games that it is actually pretty sucky/frustrating and feels very antiquated.

Even a "shifted" thing, say press down L3 and the R stick controls the camera would work. Sometimes I just want to look around.

DaTruth3084d ago

The first was a ten! The second was "the new ten"! Placing the first in "the new nine"!

FamilyGuy3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

When it comes to GOW 3 there's NOTHING wrong with complaining about that being a low score.

So what if the controls are familiar? We ALL already know this game is doing things NO GAME, this or previous generations, has done before. The fact that you can fight a GIANT on A TITAN alone should garner high praises.

What exactly is this game being compared to?
What does the break down look like? LOL

(not part of the review, just using this as an example)
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Story: 10
Controls: 9 (controls are tight and responsive but felt too familiar)

Overall: 9/10

WTF is that? LOL

specialguest3084d ago

People are not satisfied with a 9/10 now?!? And to the guy that says GOW3 is a 10/10. How the hell do you know?!? Have you played it?

UltraNova3084d ago

10, 9, 8, 7 hell even if gets a 3/10 i would still buy it day one! The wow factor in the Gow series is of the charts, its simply unmissable!

sikbeta3084d ago

This Game will Be Just Epic, whether you like it or not

Gamerbee3084d ago

I find it funny how people NEED their fav games to get high critic scores. I bought my PS3 for this game. Couldnt care less aboout reviews. Make your own mind up people.

IdleLeeSiuLung3084d ago

Biased! Biased I tell you!!!

bnaked3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

"it really feels very "last gen" to not have any control over the camera"

Thats not right. Ok, it's your opinion which i can understand. But in a hack'n'slay, you would loose the overview.

And it's also good, if you want to create a cinematic experience.

RememberThe3573083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

That may be the stupidest comment I read from a reviewer. Why wasn't ever COD game docked for that, or every Halo game(excluding Halo Wars of course), or every Devil May Cry game? I have never heard that as a knock against a game in my life. It's usually the opposite that people have a problem with.

Anyway, that's a great score and we'll see how everyone else feels about the game.

exnihilonihilfit3083d ago

The camera angles in GOW are pretty excellent, occasionally there's an offscreen enemy, but it's not hard to remember where they are, and if they're off screen they're not really in range to attack you. They also use the fixed camera angles to hide hidden chests slightly off screen, so you have to do a little bit of puzzle platforming to figure out how to get them. I just don't see that as a legitimate complaint. Moreover, the control scheme doesn't have room for camera control, and I much prefer that he right joystick be used for dodging than for camera movement, it gives you so much more control over your character in an intense battle.

snp3083d ago

Will you be trolling every PS3 thread?

TROLL EATER3083d ago

9/10 not bad for a killer app

Bathyj3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I would buy this if it scored 0, but really, familiarity is such a pissweak excuse.

Uhm, if we didnt like it, we would be clamouring for a sequel. Arent all sequels by their very nature familiar. Isnt that WHY we get them, cos we liked them in the first place?

Lich1203083d ago

You're as ignorant as anyone else. For one, bring rape into this is callous and stupid. Secondly, why the reference to gears? These games are completely different and warrant zero comparison. Maybe you're butt hurt that it got the great score of 9/10? i don't even understand that. You're childish and foolish, grow up.

pixelsword3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

...especially since changing it will alter the familiarity people are looking for.

That's like saying Gears 3 should have the control scheme of Heavy Rain and should be marked down because it doesn't.

bacon133083d ago

This is one of the few games where a review score means absolutely zero to me. This game was a day 1 buy since I finished GoW2 3 years ago. Familiar controls? Who cares! Why fix what is certainly not broken.

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Darkeyes3084d ago

Why can't official mags drop the integer system and go with the point system... Sometimes it seems unfair like here. "It's inches away from a 10" meaning it's what 95? 96? 98? If it's inches away give it 10 already!!!

Moebius693084d ago

I think i understand what you mean they might think its a 9.4 but because they don't use that system they used the nearest rounded number which was a 9

WIIIS13084d ago

No they gave it a 9. Don't go imagining that its a 9.4 or 9.5. It is just a 9.

FangBlade3084d ago

UC2 - 10
LBP - 10
MGS4 - 10
GOW 3 - 9

WTF ?!
I think someone is trying to do damage control on GOW3.

Strange_Evil3084d ago

It's OPM so it's integer system. The game might well be 95 or 96, but it gets a 9 cause a point doesn't count.Besides, the reviewer docks points cause of the same combat controls which is something I am least worried about cause I don't care if it's getting old, but it's some of the best combat system I have played.. Easy and damn effective.

Besides, OPMUK is always tough on games. They gave GOW1 a 60!!!!! (shocking isn't it?) and 2 a 90. And they also say it's better than 2 meaning a contender for GOTY for sure.

Shadow Flare3084d ago

Well thats good news. Looks like its going to be scoring well. I heard edge have a similar integer system, but if they think its a 9.5 out of 10 game, they'll round it down to 6

starvinbull3084d ago

Damn you shadow flare you stole my quote before I thought of it.

"I heard edge have a similar integer system, but if they think its a 9.5 out of 10 game, they'll round it down to 6."


theEnemy3084d ago


Only applies to PS3 exclusives though.


WIIIS13084d ago

Giving your games excuses makes you guys feel good, no?

lovestospoodge3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Well said shadow. Well said.

anyways, just ordered ultimate trilogy(beat the first ones on a ps2 like 7 times each but just wanted the HD :)) and aparantly it sold out from the retailer i got it from,

this game will get 100s all around and deserve it. cant wait for new gameplay tonight!

@ ppl disagreeing with 3.5, i think he meant that edge give ps3 exclusives low scores for bias reasons.

DaTruth3084d ago

No, having a harmless laugh at a good joke now and again and not taking console wars seriously, makes us feel good!

RememberThe3573083d ago

Go cry in a corner and stop trying to be a buzz kill, that was pretty funny.

Lich1203083d ago

I swear, pw3 owners are the fox news of this site. You have majority share yet act as if you're completely down trodden upon. No one is out to get you guys. Also, yes I have a ps3. Somehow that didn't make me insane about meaningless review scores about games that we all know are good.

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THC CELL3084d ago

1out of 10 god>>all xbox games

THC CELL3084d ago

U played god of war omg omg omg . Shut up. Go play ya spin of of dmc and prototype. God of war spits on you ya xbox and every xbox fanbox on the web today

Delta3084d ago

(IMO) I like Bayonetta's Gameplay better that GOW's does that make me a Fanboy?

THC CELL3084d ago

Deta you can be a fan of any game his point is that he has played god 3 and states bayonettas is on top dont become a lower life form like some

Delta3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Ok, i just thought you were saying "in general". GOW is great

"Don't become a lower life form" What that supposed to mean?

I really don't like Marches line up. Too Many Games I want :(

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