Activision Releases 2010 Console Sales Estimates

Activision Publishing CEO Michael Griffith has outlined the company's hardware and software sales predictions for 2010.

"… Console sales remain strong in 2009 and as of December 31st, the installed base of hardware in US and Europe for current generation systems and handhelds was 218 million units, an increase of 37 per cent year-over-year," he told investors, after Activision reported "better-than-expected" financial results.

"Looking to 2010, we expect the installed base of current generation systems to grow to 265 million, making this cycle the largest ever. By platform specifically, we are projecting the PS3 to be up nine million units, the 360 to grow eight million, the Wii to be up 12 million and we expect the DS and PSP handhelds to grow in excess of 18 million units overall.

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FangBlade2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Even Activision predicts better sales for the PS3.
Times have sure changed - the history repeats itself, the PS3 will win.

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Monchichi0252930d ago

Considering that MS is ahead over 8 million, a one million gain isn't really enough for Sony to catch up. A good gain, Yes, but just not enough quite yet.

and I must Add, that no matter how this console Generation, isn't still a win for Nintendo and MS??? Hear me out on this first. Last generation, PS2 absolutely dominated the Xbox and the GameCube. Sony came into this generation with some serious momentum! So just that fact that Nintendo has beat them and MS is beating them at this point is a HUGE win for both companies. Add to that fact that both MS and Nintendo are both hugely profitable while Sony is bleeding red is also of utter importance. After all, these companies are in it for the money, not for our enjoyment.

rambi802928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Just bear in mind that the PS3 launched at $600 and has not yet fallen to sub $300 prices. Its still as expensive as the launch PS1 - and is selling better - It still has not gotten to the price range of families(*read - Casuals*).

Sony got Blu ray which will probably get them more revenue in the long run.
Add blu ray format win with the sales and i say sony is sitting pretty.

Shadow Flare2928d ago

2 important things to factor in:

The 2 biggest selling exclusives this year will be halo reach and gran turismo 5. Whats important to take in is, there have already been a number of halo games on the 360. So is reach going to push a massive amount of console sales? Any halo fan would have a 360 already surely. However gran turismo 5 is the first full gran turismo game to hit the ps3. Its also playstation's biggest selling franchise. So I imagine this game will sell tons of consoles. Gran Turismo as a franchise also sells better then halo. So I wouldn't be surprised if ps3 beat 360 by a bit more then a million. All previous ps3 sales jumps were one thing, but GT5 is the ultimate ps3 exclusive to push sales.

rambi802928d ago

In case anyone was wondering

Title / First Release / LTD Sales
Gran Turismo / 1997 / 10.85 million
Gran Turismo 2 / 1999 / 9.37 million
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec / 2001 / 14.89 million
Gran Turismo Concept Series / 2002 / 1.56 million
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue / 2003 / 1.35 million
Gran Turismo 4 / 2004 / 10.98 million
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue / 2007 / 4.65 million
Gran Turismo PSP / 2009 / 1.80 million
Total - 55,45

snaz272928d ago

lmao oh but the fact MS had a year start means nothing? a whole year with NO competition! infact 18 months in some parts of the world, also sony bought out an expensive console at the start of a recession, oh yeah and its 5 mill mate, not 8 anymore, btw at the end of 360s first year, they had 10 mill sold! so sony has smashed thier lead in half... now how does it look?

mikeslemonade2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

PS3 is behind by 5 million not 8 million!

Secondly, Microsoft is not hugely profitable because they buy exclusives, spend way more on ads than anybody, xbox1 was a $4 billion lost, and RROD was $1.5 billion lost. Microsoft is still in debt and have not made a profit in the Microsoft Games Studios division.

mint royale2928d ago


I wouldn't talk about finances if your trying to big up Sony. Both Sony and MS have lost a hell of alot of money on their gaming divisions in recent years.

My prediction for 2010 are:
-the wii to sell 18 million (about what it sold last year, Activision has it way undertracked imo).

-The ps3 to sell 9 -10 million.

-The 360 to sell 7-8 million.

However who knows what Natal or the Arc could do to sales.

Saaking2927d ago

The PS3 will probably sell 13 million+ especially with GT5 just around the corner. That game is bigger than even Halo.

IdleLeeSiuLung2927d ago

Let's face it, Sony has sooooo many reasons this past year 09' to gain on MS, but instead they barely made any progress.

MS can cut their price at any time and we will be right back at where we were a year ago. I see no changes...

Maybe Natal or the Wands will make a difference, but that is it. The Wii got a new market and ate into MS and Sony's....

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belal2928d ago

you mean more like 5 million. the ps3 is at 33.4 million and the 360 is at 38.4.

we won2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Your console numbers are BS but PS3 has no games resulting in more sales of Activision games than all PS3 exclusives, ever?. Don't be mad check Activision's figures and NPD ect. I wouldn't blame Activision though because their are so many AAA's 360 fans have to buy this year and then there is Natal.

Karooo2928d ago

MW2 sold 6.5 million on ps3.

Active Reload2928d ago

Peter Dille's, SVP of marketing and the PlayStation Network, SCEA quote from IGN interview
"I mean, we've got 31 million [units sold] worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million [units sold]."

mint royale2928d ago

Nope, official statements by both companies (which by law must be 100% accurate) show that MS has sold 38.7 million and Sony 33.4. Gap, as of December 31st 2009 is 5.3 million.

Active Reload2928d ago

Where is your proof? I've provided mine.

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Equinoxe_72928d ago

It's 5 mill lead not 8 million, Geez.

Omega42928d ago

If everything continues as it is then the PS3 may outsell the 360 by 1ml, but not even Activision can predict whats coming.

The 360 could have a redesign, a Wii HD could be released and Sony might cut price again and these things would change everything.

XXXCouture2928d ago

i think the 360 will continue to sell well. i just hope ms will start making more first party studios

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