Nintendo: Replenishing Wii supply will be a 'challenge'

Nintendo has responded to Joystiq's inquiry into the current Wii supply issues, with Nintendo of America's Senior Director of Corporate Communications Charlie Scibetta telling us, "In the short term, replenishing Wii inventories will be a challenge." He continues, "But we are doing everything we can to satisfy consumers looking to purchase a Wii system."

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Blaze9293080d ago

It's been what, 3+ freakin years now and Nintendo is still having inventory problems? Why am I starting to think this is intentional?

SpoonyRedMage3079d ago

Nintendo sold 3.8 million Wiis in December. It almost doubled the PS2's record for on month sales, that's why they have a stock shortage.

It's the best december anyone has had... ever.

yippiechicken3079d ago

exactly! 3.8 million in the US alone!

Mahr3079d ago

Nintendo could very easily solve all its inventory problems right now by letting the price go back up to $250 to coincide with the rise in demand. Of course, this would not be a particularly popular move among gamers, so they aren't going to do it.

W-k3079d ago


what are you smoking,your freaking crazy.

Mahr3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"what are you smoking,your freaking crazy"

See? This is what I mean when I say it would not be a particularly popular move for Nintendo to do, even though they would make more money in doing so.

But if they were to raise the price back, A. Less people would want to buy a Wii, and B. At a higher price point, Nintendo would be able to produce more Wiis at a faster pace. Therefore no more shortages.

Incidentally, this would also bring down the price of Wiis on Ebay, which currently sell with an average price new for 284 dollars and used for 220, because most people would much rather suck it up and pay the extra 84 dollars plus shipping than have to wait in line at Toys R' Us every weekend for months at a time to actually get a system.

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swice3079d ago

If this trend continues, they had better be stocking up on their new console NOW

Vizion263079d ago

How can the shortages be intentional when the Wii is the fastest selling console ever even selling at a faster pace than the PS2 3 years after its release.

Perhaps there is post holiday shortages because the Wii sold an unprecedented 3.8 million in Dec. surpassing the PS2's best month of 2.7 million.

FinalomegaS3079d ago

Black wii with bundles in NA... oh right they don't even have enough wii in the first place.

well April 2nd, me and MH3 have a date.