Empire: Total War – New East Medallion Art

Sega has released a selection of new art from the Elite Units of the East DLC pack for Empire: Total War.

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Maticus3083d ago

This'll keep me going til Napoleon comes out.

Leord3083d ago

Yeah, that's another good game to look forward to.

Cogo3083d ago

Not so sure about Napoleon...

Leord3083d ago

Hehe, that is SOME detail on mere units in the game.

Fyzzu3083d ago

They're releasing art for a DLC pack that came out a few days ago?

Malfurion3083d ago

These are just images then, not stills from footage?

Pumbli3083d ago

Ugh... DLC. :(

I wish they'd go the Valve way of things and just make the updates free, it's not like they're huge improvements.