'Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (11th February 2010)

Official EU Playstation blog writes: Howdy…let's get it on.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the calming, beautiful and enthralling game that we know and love as Flower, for one week only you can now get this at the reduced price of £2.39/EUR 2.99, so if you haven't got hold of this game already, now is the perfect time.

Also available for one week only, is the Map Pack Bundle for Call of Duty: World at War at the reduced price of £15.99/EUR 19.99. We also have last week's special offers, and minis month offers, still available for one more week.

Focusing on the new stuff now, our old friend Frogger is back, with a brand new adventure (try reading that without thinking of Vanilla Ice), and you can also get your hands on the demo for the hugely anticipated Heavy Rain.

We have four new minis available too…minis month madness continues it seems! This is Football Management, Kurulin Fusion, The Terminator and Retro Cave Flyer bring bite sized gaming to your PSP and PS3 this week.

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nix3080d ago

everyone try it.... it's a must try demo. then probably it will be your must buy game.

i got the demo last weekend. he he...

Corrwin3080d ago

Now you have little excuse not to!

Obelisk923080d ago

Flower is pure awesomeness, i bought it last year. Wonderful.

Good for the HR demo too, but I already have it. lol

Coolmanrico3080d ago

Around what time will it be up?

vicheous3080d ago

It's been live for about 1hour!

Go download

TooTall193080d ago

Why isn't Heavy Rain demo available in ze Germany?

Wrathman3080d ago

because sony support for everywhere in europe besides the uk is aweful

vicheous3080d ago

I dont remember what it said but Mike Kebby talked about it in one of his comments on the blog..

karl3080d ago

is the heavy rain demo the same as the one that was given out with the 4 day event?

vicheous3080d ago

YES! It's the same demo!