Remedy set to show "something mind-blowing" at X10

The Lost Gamer writes: In a tweet this morning, Remedy Entertainment, who are currently working on Alan Wake, have revealed that they are set to get Microsoft's X10 event to an explosive start by revealing "something mindblowing."

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Natsu X FairyTail2747d ago

I'm really happy yo see Remedy back in action and I'm very Hyped for the game. At what time exactly is X10? I dont want to fall asleep lol because I spent the whole night awake (no pun)

Bungie2747d ago

i'm very hyped for this game

it's been so long since i played a good horror game


SL1M DADDY2747d ago

That would be a dream come true!

peeps2747d ago

"it's been so long since i played a good horror game"

dead space?

i guess this is a different type tho tbh, more of a phycological horror, altho is it even classed as a horror game?

dragunrising2747d ago

The event is being held in San Fransisco in the afternoon. It will last 4 hours. Since I live east coast I'm expecting the news around 3-4 pm my time....right before I go to work :-/

I would post the link but N4G says: (!no html is allowed). Do they enforce this?

I hope Alan Wake lives up to the hype. I would like to see some unannounced and/or exclusive games. Microsoft needs to sell everyone on Project Natal.

joemayo762747d ago

Remedy's one of those devs that when they say something you better listen...

too bad i'll be writing an exam at this time :\ (stupid midterms)

Raf1k12747d ago

People post links all the time.

I think by "no HTML" it means stuff with HTML tags and such.

Ghostsmoker2747d ago

Will there be a livestream to watch it in Europe?

JokesOnYou2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I don't think it will be anything "mind-blowing", I follow gaming too much and very rarely has there been any announcement or something shown by a developer that I would call mind-blowing. That's fine though, all dev's, including micro, sony, and nintendo hype whatever they've been working on as the next greatest thing, if they didn't I'd be worried. Fortunately what little I've seen of Alan Wake so far has been nothing short of a amazing AAA game coming, plus Remedy has a great track record so I have no doubt whatever they show will be amazing.


CWMR2747d ago

-I can't wait for Alan Wake. It looks amazing.-

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Michael-Jackson2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

something disappointing, I cannot wait ;D

2747d ago
Sez 2747d ago

So a flashlight game is lame in your opinion.
But a movie with interactive part in it is more better.
Press square,left,r1,L1 look I just flushed the toilet. Lol

blizzard_cool2747d ago

No, you're all three wrong. You're just idiots who can't enjoy that there are other good games. Feel better about your self?

Those games aren't even out yet, but you still think you have the right to judge it (goes for Heavy Rain & Alan Wake) before you played it. Sorry, but that's called stupid ;)

xaviertooth2747d ago

when you are developing a title for almost 7 years and finally releasing it, what better way to do is make a false hype.

that is what microsoft and remedy will do.

chrisulloa2747d ago

Sounds more like GT5 or FFXIII

DelbertGrady2747d ago

It's not GT5 or FF XIII. He's clearly talking about Killzone 2.

xaviertooth2747d ago

i don't think most 360 owners will care about this game. it's almost 7 years sine it was first announce.

this title will flop real hard and remedy will make 3rd party games afterwards mark my words!