4A: Metro 2033 Is Not Too Difficult

4A Games has said that recent previews of Metro 2033 do not accurately reflect the difficulty of the game.

In a recent tweet, the developer stated that the game has undergone changes since the previews and that the difficulty and ammo levels are less of issue.

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Fyzzu3027d ago

I don't know if I'm happy about this or not. Annoying as scavenging is, I do love the sense of tension you get when you have to do it.

AndyA3027d ago

Same guys that did the first STALKER, right? That was a pretty punishing game at times too, as was Clear Sky. Remember being robbed of all of my armour/weapons at one point without being able to do anything about it.

Fyzzu3027d ago

Different developer, but yeah, think it's made up of some of the same guys. And good point - making sure it's not frustrating or unfairly hard is important, I suppose.

Leord3027d ago

Sometimes nerfs are good, sometimes bad.

Maticus3027d ago

The ammo issue is massive, I really hope that's been sorted.

AndyA3027d ago

It's supposed to be a game about survival, though. Isn't ammo scavenging part of that?

Chubear3026d ago

I'm hoping the modes above normal difficulty will be allowed to be as the game was meant to be. Sure give casuals what they want to make sure your game sells but give the gamers that like challenge in their games good attention too.

Johandevries3027d ago

game has got mainstreamed, thanks to the 360.

belowradar3027d ago

I agree about having a limited amount of ammo makes you pay attention to what you're doing and your surroundings but from what I read of an event that was held for Metro that the reviewers were getting stuck at the same spots because there just wasn't enough ammo and enemies kept respawning.
There shouldn't be infinite ammo either. But somewhere in between. I was looking forward to this game but until I see some definitive reviews across the board I'm skeptical on what they've actually fixed.

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The story is too old to be commented.