LA Noire GI feature scanned, uploaded onto the internet

LA Noire's Game Informer feature has been scanned and posted.

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StanLee3050d ago

Looks good. Maybe this game may turn out to be something worthwhile after all. I does look a lot like Mafia 2 but both settings and story are very different. The similarity comes for the time period both are set in.

KiRBY30003050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

i hope it ends up as good as it sounds.

@stan apparently the gameplay will be very different. LA noire has investigation gameplay while Mafia 2 should stick with the traditional GTA mecanics we all know.

also, the 2 games puts you in each side of the law. in LA noire you're a cop. in Mafia 2 you're one of the "bad guys". :)

Fanb0y3050d ago

So last I heard, this game is multiplatform?

Wasn't this announced as a full PS3 exclusive?

TheDudeAbides3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

^^^ a few years ago, its multiplat now, Agent is PS3 only

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ninjagoat3050d ago

Looks nice kinda looks like mafia 2.

Rowsdower3050d ago

looking forward to both

Vo_Cal3050d ago the mail yesterday. it's a pretty good read. Looking forward to it on my PSThreezy..

bjornbear3050d ago

direct competition with Mafia II, the franchise king of Mafia games =O

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The story is too old to be commented.