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Submitted by blitz0623 2191d ago | news

Forza 3 passes Gran Turismo PSP

Forza Motorsport 3 has eclipse 2 million copies sold since its October release, putting it just slightly ahead of handheld rival Gran Turismo PSP.

That Forza Motorsport 3 has sold 2 million copies is a great thing, though it's not totally fair to compare it with the 1.8 million Gran Turismo copies bought on PSP. After all, PSP is a handheld and Xbox 360 is a console. (Forza Motorsport 3, Gran Turismo, PSP, Xbox 360)

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chidori666  +   2191d ago
Forza 3 passes Gran Turismo PSP

Wrathman  +   2191d ago
and mario kart wii outsells them all

soo wots your point droids?
Natsu X FairyTail  +   2191d ago
"though it's not totally fair to compare it with the 1.8 million Gran Turismo copies bought on PSP. After all, PSP is a handheld and Xbox 360 is a console."

but they thought it was smart making an article about it?
socomnick  +   2191d ago
I think its pretty fair to compare.

Forza3 outsold a Grand Turismo game while having a substantially smaller install base on the 360.

Close to 40 million 360s to sell to.
Meanwhile the psp has 55 million sold.
zootang  +   2191d ago
Top rated flagship racer just outsells a poorly rated handheld racer. Well done nick!
FamilyGuy  +   2191d ago
That's actually pitiful news
Title should read:

"Forza 3 barely able to out pace GT Psp"

Seriously, that's pretty bad.
Psp is a hand held
Psp has a HUGE piracy problem
Many Psp owners haven't touched their psp for month/years
GT Psp received scores mostly in the 7-8/10 range while forza 9-10/10

Are the PSN downloads of GT Psp even counted in that 1.8mil?
Are the bundles?
Argento-Nox  +   2191d ago

By your comparison/reasoning, GT5P has done much better than F3. After all GT5P released when there was significantly less PS3's when it came out, whereas F3 was released to a 40 million 360 userbase, right?
Sarcasm  +   2191d ago
"Are the PSN downloads of GT Psp even counted in that 1.8mil? "

They never are. Considering GT5P hit 4.6million and not counting PSN downloads.
SL1M DADDY  +   2191d ago
Socomnick - "Forza3 outsold a Grand Turismo game while having a substantially smaller install base on the 360."
So in your own logic, only 5% of the 360 fans purchased the game Forza 3 while 3% of the PSP fans bought GT:PSP. Seems to me like these numbers are far from article worthy but they sure do make those wearing fanboy goggles happy...
DeepInterludium  +   2191d ago
GT PSP sold 1.8 million at the end of December, it could still be ahead of Forza 3. And that's pretty sad considering how much hype MS was trying to build for it and how GT PSP has to fight all the piracy on PSP.
beardpapa  +   2191d ago
I'm far more surprised the GT portable sold that many units considering the psp is paperweight for the majority of its time. Aside from PJM, what other good games are on the PSP? really?
Sitdown  +   2191d ago
"Aside from PJM, what other good games are on the PSP? really? "

Super mario 1, 2, 3, sonic, etc, etc, etc... ;-)
execution17  +   2191d ago
lol'd when i read that title, so what happened to this definitive racer of this gen?
Hakimy  +   2191d ago
the author is trying to make fun of Forza (or that's what I think anyway).its like he is trying to say "well,at least you outsold something!" the title really made me laugh XD
Shang-Long  +   2191d ago
I loled so hard at the title.
ian72  +   2191d ago
I always LOL so hard at socomnick. Always so wrong.
Terry Tate  +   2191d ago
Are you kidding?
This is about the stupidest article I've seen on here, and there are a LOT of stupid ones.
Let me be clear (and earn some disagrees just by saying it I'm sure), I love Forza Motorsport 3. I play it for a while every day after work. Comparing the sales of this to GT on the PSP is just lame though. FM3 should be compared to GT5P, or GT5 when it comes out. Compare GT on the PSP to Mairo Cart on the Wii.
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BulletToothtony  +   2191d ago
desperation it's setting in guys..
sales it's all that is left for a certain console.. soon will be reading.. Game A has sold 8 more copies than Game B..
randomwiz  +   2191d ago
you also have to consider 50/55m psps run custom firmware.

piracy on the psp is just as bad as piracy on the pc. Games get pirated more than they sell.
Nikuma  +   2191d ago
A lost of GT fans don't care about GT PSP, myself included. Can't wait get my hands on GT5, but I hardly gave GT PSP a look. My PSP is a RPG/Monster hunter machine. :)
BlackTar187  +   2191d ago
You do realize the PSP isn't the DS right?
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silvacrest  +   2191d ago
with custom firmware you can get all the games he mentioned on the PSP
snake-OO  +   2191d ago
when it passes 10 mil like gt4 or even gt3's 14.8 mil then let me know.
Deadman64  +   2191d ago
"gran turismo" the only game in the history of sony to actually sell well

Meryl  +   2191d ago
^^lol sad fanboy alert (deadman64 that is)
ZombieAutopsy  +   2191d ago
You do realize someone could just say something like "Halo, the only game MS could ever sell." or "GT franchise sold as much as the xbox console last gen."

I'm just saying you fanboys really need to think about what you're gonna say before you hit that Add Reply button.
3sq  +   2191d ago
It's competing with a PSP game? And only by 200k? LMAO
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Conando  +   2191d ago
To be fair, the PSP install base is about 20 million larger than the 360's, Gran Turismo PSP has been out longer, and Gran Turismo is a much more established and popular franchise than Forza Motorsport. It has been around for 12 years after all, compared to Forza's 5 years. Also, GT fans must be dying for their fix, since it's been 5 years since the last real Gran Turismo game.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2191d ago
Well to be fair the psp has one of the highest piracy rate of any gaming device (not to mention how easy it is to mod the thing), So the fact that GT PSP even sold as much as it has really says alot...but thats if you just wanna be fair.

EDIT: Ok i read some more of your comments so im not even gonna bother.
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ZombieAutopsy  +   2191d ago
Good for them, but in all fairness i'd say the piracy rate for the psp is WAY too high.
Michael-Jackson  +   2191d ago
This and it's much easier.
silvacrest  +   2191d ago
yeah, you can hack a PSP in 5 mins if you no what to do

im not talking BS, i've done this myself
necksnappa  +   2191d ago
Are you serious , now they are comparing a xbox 360 console game to a sony psp game. lolol of course it sold more. this is just ridiculous! ok well then that means forza is better than gran turismo, 100 % proof!! lolololol
arny  +   2191d ago
I thought Forza was supossed to be good and it can only pass A psp GAME . It will never pass Gran Turismo for consoles
Conando  +   2191d ago
Forza Motorsport 3 - 92
Gran Turismo PSP - 74

Forza 3 scored higher than any game in the GT series has since 2001. The same for Forza 1 and 2. All 3 Forza games have been AAA and they all came out in the time period between 2 GT games.
Sarcasm  +   2191d ago
NJShadow  +   2191d ago
Wow, this write-up is just sad. You seriously compared Forza 3 sales to Gran Turismo PSP!? LOL. If this is the trend we're creating, then Gran Turismo 5 is going to absolutely murder Forza 3 in terms of sales, easily. (If it ever sees the light of day, that is...)
free3sixty  +   2191d ago
@ snake.. its really sad to mention PS1 or PS2 games, since you know that GT5 wont even reach MGS4 sales.
Karooo  +   2191d ago
hey wise guy
Install base is 33.5 million, it will do more than MGS4. when mgs4 came out it had 21 million ps3 worldwide.

what is up with you bots and the ability to talk bullshit.
peeps  +   2191d ago
well did gt5:P not come close to MGS4 sales... lol certainly more sales than forza 3 anyway
snake-OO  +   2190d ago
you do realise i hope that when gt3 came ot the ps2 install base was only between 25 mill to 30 mill , less than what forza 3 has right now, and i didnt mention ps1.
itani  +   2191d ago
Why don't we also compare Halo to Killzone Liberation?
Jigga69  +   2191d ago
For the love of god and the sake of the 360 reputation
Stop embarrassing yourselves with that kind of news :
- 360 game beats a PSP game
- We don't Want MAG, but we talk about it 24/24 and 7/7
This is for you
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Sarcasm  +   2191d ago
Next headline will be

"360 graphics superior to Nintendo DS"
thief  +   2191d ago
Ha ha
ah ha ha ha ha
bnaked  +   2191d ago
lol, that is Forza 3's rival. GT PSP ^^
Karooo  +   2191d ago
claps slowly
EvilBlackCat  +   2191d ago
Those who make fun of Forza 3 they dont really have a clue or haver never played any Forza game so my question is.... WTF with the hatin?

I can critize GT series because i have all GT game with the exception of the PSP copy... So WTF?

Any Real Sim Racing fan have huge respect for Forza 3.

shark97  +   2191d ago
GT5P say hi
thief  +   2191d ago
Take that PSP fanboys
Why is this a surprise - the graphics, physics and gameplay on Forza 3 are (slightly) better than GT-PSP after all, and it even has more content than GT-PSP
peeps  +   2191d ago
was that sarcasm? or are you seriously saying forza 3 is 'slightly' better than gt psp in terms of graphics, gameplay, content etc...
Narutone66  +   2191d ago
You forgot
GT PSP have more cars.
corneliuscrust  +   2191d ago
n4g you never cease to amaze me.

any chance to berate any console.
peeps  +   2191d ago
funny to compare it to gt psp (which even got poor reviews for not being like other gt games etc)

so basically it's saying forza has achieved higher sales than the worst gt game in the franchise... lol

you could call that a spin, but think about it. gt psp was trying something different with the franchise i.e. going to handheld. the result was a lackluster game that prob sold on the name more than the content.

will be more newsworthy when forza 3 outsels gt:prologue and of course even that game is just a taster for gt5
NeutralGamer  +   2191d ago
People at the Open Zone and here are acting totally ridiculous...
Also, according to VGchartz this guy got his numbers wrong...

Forza didnt sell only 2 million...
By October 9th 2009, it had sold 2.30 millions

Second the sales number are taken out of context...
There are 37,649,168 sold Xbox 360 and Forza sold 2.30 millions, meaning that about 6.11 % of Xbox 360 user base...

Now Gran Turismo PSP is something differens..

There is 53,888,301 sold PSP and 1.8 million copies of Gran Turismo sold? Thats 3.04 % of user base...

Anyway just my point of view on this case..
The worst thing is though that this guy is manipulating by reducing Forza to 2 millions instead of the 2.30 at VGChartz.. And that was even 5 months ago...

P.S. All numbers taken from VGChartz..
#20 (Edited 2191d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
White-Sharingan  +   2191d ago
and here I thought you were a neutral gamer....huh, ironic.

but since your "neutral" ill just add more to your post:

"Now to be fair, piracy on the PSP is in a very high percentage, most people I know that own a PSP have pirated the handheld. We all know that nowadays software sales suffer greatly on the PSP thanks to this, so its not really fair to compare one with the other; it should also be noted that GT PSP has 74% on overall ratings while Forza 3 has 92%, affecting sales as well. Besides we are talking about two different market with a different fanbase. Handheld gamers don't usually buy racing or shooting games, whereas console gamers do; of course there is always the exception but I mean in general. All in all, it shouldn't be compared, what IS comparable is GT5:P and Forza 3, or just wait for GT5."

no thanks needed
#20.1 (Edited 2191d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Sarcasm  +   2191d ago
lol @ VGchartz

Well if you take the same numbers from GT5P, it sold to 11% of the userbase NOT COUNTING PSN DOWNLOADS.
devsgreat  +   2191d ago
will never reach 5mil...the only thing that sell on xbox is shooters
stonecold1  +   2191d ago
will be forgotten by the time real driving simulator defentive gt5 flopza cant even reach 60 million turn 10 need to pack up and all it a day by the time gt5 comes flopza going to look very last gen once that big beast get relesased have fun playing flopza xbots dosent comne anywhere near gt league
Sitdown  +   2191d ago
Not saying I appreciate this article...
but where were all you a couple of days ago when Forza was being bashed in favor of GT come you did not rush in saying it was a sad comparison?
corneliuscrust  +   2191d ago
where indeed
such is life on n4g

this is why we can't have nice things.
bjornbear  +   2191d ago
so definitive..../s
corneliuscrust  +   2191d ago
oh man
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buying1999   2191d ago | Spam
mcnablejr  +   2191d ago
xbox outselling ps products.
Big news...
NeutralGamer  +   2191d ago
The Xbox 360 also have piracy and its also very popular (thanks to N4G promoting Mass Effect 2 torrents)..
Thats not a PSP exclusive :D

Anyway.. Dont believe that I'm neutral? Assuming that I'm a fanboy? I own both PSP Go and Xbox 360, but I never played Forza nor Gran Turismo..

I'm just trying to state that the article is ridicoulus because it compares two widely different game with different user base. Also the article is misleading with wrong numbers... It is just trying to fuel the flame wars...
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finalfantasymaster  +   2191d ago
FORZA 3 is not in the same caliber of GT PSP
comparing GT PSP to FLOPZA 3 is blasphemy for the PSP part XD
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2191d ago
I love how Forza 3
can only compete with GT PSP and not GT5P.
dragon82  +   2191d ago
You can add my PSN version of GT:PSP to that. lol
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