Metro 2033: Combat and Tech Interview HD

GT: "Executive Producer Luis Gigliotti describes the brand new engine used to produce the extremely detailed post-apocalyptic world plus innovative new weapons!"

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DelbertGrady2962d ago

Looks awesome. Obviously the PC version playing in the vid. I'm really curious to see what the 360 version looks like.

iMad2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

You will be amazed to know what 360 version will look allmost the same. remember ME2 360 and PC difference.

it is all now possible because of dev now use all 360 hardware: tesselation, GPGPU, 3rd CPU core.

prime exemples: tesselation saves memory you can now spend on more polys on screen.
GPGPU can give you more float point calc power you can use on lighting calcs.

good time to come this year for xbox.

Daz2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Is there a ps3 version or will it be released at a later date.

Bluemaster772962d ago

No PS3 version at all.
This game is looking really good with some amazing visuals im
expecting the 360 version to be nice as well

Daz2962d ago

OK thanks, i get it on 360 if i like it, i wait and see.

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Redgehammer2962d ago

..but it looks like it would scare the bejeepers out of me...

pr0digyZA2959d ago

Graphics look impressive,atmosphere looks impressive,game looks impressive,lets hope it lives up to its impressiveness :P (i probably irritated a whole bunch of you right there)