Nintendojo: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

Nintendojo writes: "Games like The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks demonstrate a singular point that seems strange for long-time gamers who have seen video game console generations come and go: even at more than five years old, must-have games for all owners of the DS are still coming out. Spirit Tracks is not only an improvement upon its forebear Phantom Hourglass in story, music, world and gameplay, but it has the ingredients to make it one of the best Zelda games to have come out. Everyone has a favorite Zelda-- for many it's Ocarina of Time, for others it's the very first NES Legend of Zelda and for others it's Link to the Past. Yet even as a handheld sequel with touch-only controls, Spirit Tracks may rightly become some Zelda fans' new favorite in the franchise."

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