Heavy Rain Tops Bestseller List After Flood of Reviews

PSLS writes:

Today the embargo lifted on Heavy Rain reviews and across the web, the game received stunning review scores from top gaming sites. Because of the deserving acclaim, Heavy Rain has taken one retailer's bestseller list by storm…

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Sev3079d ago

Well, if this keeps up the game will certainly sell well. It truly deserves it.

I am sure the Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC as a pre-order bonus is a big help as well. Sucks I wont get it until it is live in the PS Store.

Myst3079d ago

You already have the game? You make me sick...:p

I think the scores will help, at least people will look to it; but quite a few are more than likely going to be put off because of how it plays. Although if we [ as gamers ] can get more people to buy the game and support the developers then it means their will be more games of this field. Perhaps it could be introduced into other genres just as well. I mean modern is good, but if it can be stretched either into the fantasy or sci-fi field that would be even better as well. With a compelling story to boot it would be awesome.

I'm hoping this game sells well, and hopefully people will help spread word about it to those who don't know about it. Could be a good change from all these fast paced games we are getting.

Sev3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )


3 playthroughs, 3 different endings. Completely floored. One ending in particular, my jaw dropped.

@ Evo, you could have hit me up. Damn near all 99 other of my PSN friends did. LOL. Whatever you do, DONT look at my trophies! You don't want anything spoiled and I've got around 80%. I should have purposely not synced to save everyone from being tempted.

-EvoAnubis-3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I saw you playing it, Sev, and felt it best to not disturb you. When I get the game, notification = OFF anytime I'm playing the game. I don't want anything drawing me out of that world.

Edit: @Nuri: I steered clear of reading many reviews as well. I've also ignore about 80% of the videos on the Net for this game...I wanted tot go in fresh. There was one thing Sev mentioned that I'd wish he hadn't, but from my understanding there's LOADS more to this game that anything even someone who'd read and seen everything on the web doesn't compare to the final product.

2nd Edit: @Sev: EXACTLY why I didn't do the same! It was tempting though! As for the trophies, I wouldn't worry about it. "???" trophies can only appear to someone that already has them. If I were to look at them, all I'd see is the dates and times you got them. I really like the fact that they do that.

Great review, BTW; it was no accident that your review was one of two I actually read.

Myst3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )


Hmm, currently wondering if I should read that review or not Sev. So far I've been looking at a few scores but primarily I have steered clear of reading any of them. Even though the game has multiple branching paths, still trying to keep myself "clean" before the game comes out.


That's a good idea, I need to do that to when the game comes out...

That's good to know that it can't be spoiled that easily, I guess I may read one review tomorrow in between classes and see what's up. Though tomorrow a demo is supposed to be released anyway isn't it? I suppose that could be played instead of reading about the game which would probably be a bit better.

P.S. Did Sev say something that was a major spoiler on the part of the game or just a bit of information that kind of tells you the gist of the game as a whole?


Yep doing the same thing, bookmarked the site and now just waiting for the copy to land in my hands now. I'll read while it does it's install time I suppose or play a bit then read it to get the gist of an event that I may encounter. Though as of right now I really don't want to :p.

{edit II}
@Sev: There seem to be a lot of spoiler videos floating around N4G these days, kind of wish the embargo for reviews was lifted next week instead of this week. Since we pretty much still have a little over a week to go anyway. Also I agree, a game that is primarily driven more so on story can be hard to review without giving away something. I guess if you stuck toward the first two minutes it wouldn't be much of a spoiler :p?

cyborg3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

@Sev- Your a lucky guy Sev, getting to play the game so early...m jealous. I did check your score out but have steered clear of any reviews so far save one.

@Nori - Yea, I too am in two minds regarding whether if I should read any reviews or not for fear of getting anything spoiled for my playthrough, I don't want anything to spoil even the smallest of plot details for me. So, I think its better if we just wait for the game to release before reading the reviews. I have read only one review so far*|(IGN's) and that's all that I require to buy the game. Will def read this one, once the game's in my hands and am through with it! :D

Edit - @Sev - Yea, N4G has some really spoilerific videos doing the circles these days. Also, I make it a point to steer clear of any gameplay or other videos related to any game that I am sure will offer a decent experience and looking forward to and if its about a game which I am really excited about, then there's no way in hell that I am gonna watch a video before actually doing thing myself!

Sev3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I know exactly what you are talking about Evo when you say there was one thing.

The problem is, it's difficult to describe just how far the game goes without providing some examples. For most games a couple examples of gameplay doesn't spoil anything. But because Heavy Rain is so plot and consequence driven, any mention of any moment in the game is a spoiler in itself.

Thank goodness you guys didn't see the video that was on N4G earlier. I mean talk about spoiling one of the games best moments. I reported it to the admin here right away. I really want people to be surprised by the game. So I chose one of the least dramatic scenes for an example, and yes, that WAS one of the least dramatic.

@Nori - There ya go. For me to properly tell you about the first 2 minutes, I'd have to spoil something about the plot. Tough game to review.

-EvoAnubis-3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I figured as much. I wasn't too worried; I knew you wouldn't give away something too crucial.

Nah, Nuri, it was a minor thing overall.

I saw that link for the vid you're talking about, and totally ignored it. Can't believe they freaking did that.

Myst3079d ago

@Sev: Are you serious? I guess I have to be blind to this game for a while and just immerse myself in other games and perhaps even *shutters* do a lot more school work to make time pass faster.

@Evo: Ah okay, something minor can be dealt with.

I also think I saw/see the video you guys are talking about. The graphic one? Yeah I think I may just stick to trying to decide on whether to get MAG or not for now instead of reading things about Heavy Rain :p.

menoyou3079d ago

Yes this is awesome! Finally a game that takes a risk and gets good reviews and even more surprising good sales! This brings me tears of joy.

sikbeta3079d ago

Just Epic, this Game deserve all the sales

Gamers FTW!!!

nix3079d ago

yeah.. but apart from Destructoid and Games Radar's 7/10. they stick out like sore thumbs! man talk about being sore.

bjornbear3079d ago

gameradar isn't a review site, they are a joke site

i mean, look at one of the "cons" they game HR:

"-You'll hate it if you're an action junkie"

Really? Does that even count as a negative factor to a game? absolute stupidity

Dev8 ing3079d ago

When you have a couple data points that stick out like sore thumbs they are known as outliers. Usually they are discarded, metacritic doesn't do that though. It would be a good thing then sites that review low to get hits wouldn't show up and then the aggregate score would be more accurate.

callahan093079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Metacritic's rubrik for averaging the scores is broken. There is no reason why a game with 28 scores between 90 and 100 and only 8 scores less than 90 should have a Meta score under 90. They need to incorporate weight to scores based on standard deviation. The further off the bell curve that a score lies, the less it should impact the average, because those critics clearly aren't on the same page as the rest of them, and the whole point of the Meta score is to give an indication of what most critics think. Incorporating the odd-man-out's score as equally as the median scores just makes the whole Meta score less accurate in its attempt to show what the average critic thinks. Now the Meta score is lower than the median and lower than what the majority of critics think, so the game doesn't get it's AAA status because a couple of goons don't think it's AAA, even though the majority of critics think it is? Seems like they need to rework their weights and measures for their averaging scheme.

IcarusOne3078d ago

But then I read IGN's review and they LOVED IT! Given how retarded they are, you know, like saying ME2 is better than UC2, I figured they must be flamebaiting me. I mean, they're total xbots over there! Fanboys to the max! The only reason they'd like this game is to screw with my head. Right? Didn't we all agree that IGN doesn't know what they're talking about?

Sorry. Feels great to be snarky sometimes. But in all seriousness - two hours in and loving it so far.

Anon19743075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Heavy Rain is a day one purchase for me. I loved Indigo Prophecy and have been waiting for them to make another game, but I didn't think Heavy Rain would be burning up any sales charts. It looks amazing but it's a niche title.

I was already bracing myself for all the articles and posts calling Heavy Rain a flop if it doesn't move a million copies on day one despite the fact that 90% of games don't hit one million their entire lifetime. We see it time and time again when a great PS3 exclusive comes out. When sites can't bash a game for quality, they attack it because of "poor sales" They did it with LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and on and on it goes.

The haters will do it with Heavy Rain too. Mark my words. Luckily I'll be too busy enjoying another outstanding PS3 game to care.

Edit @ Callahan09 above: Metacritic doesn't give all scores the same weight. They have certain publications that carry more clout than others. It's not a perfect system but there's no denying that the industry pays attention to Metacritic scores so it's not so easy to dismiss them. However, I believe they need to start removing some publications. Destructoid, for example, has become a flame baiting joke these last few years. And Edge has demonstrated time and time again a obvious anti-PS3 bias.

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Myst3079d ago

Already have this baby paid off, and now to play the waiting game for February 23rd. Gamestop and other retailers better not pull that "day after release date" stuff on this title. We have waited long enough and we want it now!

Now Let us on February the 23rd rush into the stores and get our copies of Heavy Rain. For the games!

cyborg3079d ago

I am really pleased with the rave reviews its getting worldwide, the game is truly deserving of them coz it has bought something unique in terms of gameplay experience to the table. People should really buy this game and I can vouch for it that they won't be dissapointed. The fact that the reviews seem to have increased the interest of gamers revolving around the game is also very welcome indeed. Pre-order it people, the game's gonna rule!

slave2Dcontroller3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Sony release the demo tomorrow. I've been playing it for awhile and I love it. I just think that there are ALOT of uninformed people out there who think its just a QTE movie and no actual game play is involved. They couldnt be any more wrong.

Sev you lucky SOB XD

T3mpr1x3079d ago

Glad to see it is selling well, I know I placed my order after playing the demo!!!