The Obsession with Day One

Bitmob: Why do we feel compelled to purchase video games on the first day that they arrive? This was a question I was asking myself last year when, due to extenuating circumstances.

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Myst3078d ago

I'd say it's because of the hype that usually follows the game sometimes calling ( previous games that have been played and looking forward to the next installment ). Although there is one piece I'd like to disagree with "All good discussion typically happens at a games launch and then essentially dissipates." That part is not really true in most parts. Demon's Souls was being talked about left and right even after it's release ( western release, not Asian releases ).

Games are always being talked about, though primarily on their forums and other game sites. It's just that games aren't being produced in the form of articles for readers to look into much, although sometimes it will continue, but in the form of reviews. For example Demon's Souls ( Yes again ) still has some reviews flying in at the moment, some people are still talking about it in the comment section here. People are still talking about it at Gametrailers as well as Playfire and other game related sites as well. So it's not as if all communication is going silent, just that it's not AS out in the open.

Sorry tangent thought there, but had to say that anyway the deal with day one for me is still because of all the anticipation building up. The release date will also be my day of rest from work and school related matters. Because having 16 credit hours and sometimes working 20 hours a week messes with your psyche. It's nice to sit back, unwind, unwrap that new game, pop it in and play.

hay3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I'd say it's because certain titles are so awesome that gamers want to play them as soon as it releases. It's a gamer's thing to wait for the day zero.
Example: I waited for MGS4 a loong time. Logically speaking it wouldn't do me any harm to wait another week or month, but with the game on the shelves, the anticipation wouldn't make any sense since the game is here already. Hence, pre-order.
It's not obsession, anticipation is my only drive for day one.

In most cases there's no ideology or no conspiracy theories.

Can't believe author forgot how it is to be a gamer.

Cobex3077d ago

I have to agree with you.

I think another part would add up to your friends playing the game you all talk about at the time.

mgs4 for example was a big deal between me and a few of my mates. It felt like it had to be a day one purchase or i would be left out from the experience of the game itself and the social debates for the time.

As gamers it can be very difficult with the price tag attached to the thing we enjoy doing.

Some people like to spend their money on drinking
Some people like to spend their money gambling
Others like to spend money on whatever hobby they have.

It all costs, but gaming is one of the most expensive.

GameForFame3077d ago

More life questions?
Mysteries of the universe?
If I want a game and I don't happen to be doing anything the day it just so happens to be coming out I'm going to drive up to the store and get it. What, am I going to wait a week? For what? The sake of waiting a week?
If it's a game I'm not too pumped for I don't feel a need to play it as soon as possible, but if it's a game I want to play and it is "now" available; why would I put off getting it?

Now, taking off work to get a game day 1 ... that's different. I don't know if I would take a day off/call in sick for the sake of purchasing/playing a game. That's different.

Raz3077d ago

While all my buddies are busily forking out their hard-earned dollars for pre-orders, I stroll over to Blockbuster the day before a title's released and ask them to hold a copy for me.

That's if I REALLY want to play it. Otherwise, my game library has grown so much that I haven't finished most of the ones I have. Once you've hit the 30+ games mark, I ask myself: do I really *need* to get another game right away? Lo and behold, there's often heavily hyped titles that wind up on the used-4-sale rack a few weeks after.

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JussBlazn3077d ago

it's to get a head start on everyone else

Natsu X FairyTail3077d ago

Because if you go to the store the next day Aint no more copies available >:D

ian723077d ago

Here where I live (Yorkshire, UK) game shops never run out of copies. I get most of mine from supermarkets as they are normally cheaper and its those that do run out of copies not the game shops really.

Griffmo3077d ago

Its the same way for every form of entertainment. Movies, books, CDs, concert/sporting tickets. People get excited, wait in lines, and spend the $. I think this guy is just venting because he can no longer afford day one games. Sure its pricey, but its fun when you can do it.

solidboss3077d ago

how is this different then what people do when the new ipod comes out? or any super high tech fancy device? we like shiny new technology and want it on day one to feel like we are the first to experience it and sometimes rub it in other people's faces. but in terms of new games sometimes there's such a high demand for it that you might miss out on it and have to wait for a next shipment or sometimes there's an incentive (preorder/dlc) so its different for everyone

Sangria3077d ago

In my case it's a matter of developer support. I bought Brütal Legend on Day One even though reviews were mixed, same for Muramasa (awesome game btw), Uncharted 2, Katamari Forever, etc... For other games like Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Street Fighter IV, it was because of the hype machine (even though I regret it), and for others it was a matter of boredom.

But in France, games cost 70 euros, which represent $70 and ultimately it's being very expensive, so I spend more time with imports, such as Demon's Souls, Dragon Age, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead or God of War Collection. Those games cost around $40 in import while they would cost $70 in France, that's pretty much non-negligible.

But if you look at mostly everywhere else in the entertainment industry, it's pretty much the same. How many people bought an iPhone in first days while Apple released a less expensive and more sophisticated one a year later? How many people bought Vista even though it had broken legs and Microsoft were already planning Windows 7? How many people prefer to watch movies in cinema whereas it releases in DVD 6 months later?

People like being the first ones, and there is even a mocking quote in Sacred 2 where you have a grave on which you read something like "Yet another adventurer who wants to be the first one to read all the epitaphs of the game".

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