Sega: Too late to change Yakuza's 3 box art

Sega says that it is too late to change the box art for Yakuza 3.

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Noctis Aftermath3054d ago

Well they should of changed it after all the negative feedback they got as soon as they showed the boxart.

Baliw3054d ago

That cover give me the creeps.

leila013054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

It's just a box art, the content is where it's at.

Corrwin3054d ago

I don't think they got as much negative feed back as you think they did.

Yakuza 2 sold ~50k copies in the states, so even if 5k people complained about this cover, that's 45k who haven't complained.

ActionBastard3054d ago

Look at the font! And the wrinkle in his brow! FAIL! I own Yakuza 1&2, but 3? The boxart has completely changed my mind.


DaTruth3054d ago

It will just end up in a stack, ore on the top of the stack with a layer of dust; So the box art doesn't concern me!

Elven63054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Never heard of the backlash, this is infact the first time I've seen the cover! It looks worse than a lot of fan made box art!

I'm positive SEGA simply wants this game to fail in the US.

sinncross3054d ago

While I agree with you,
the problem is that the cover is the initial means to attract potential game buyers. Not everyone keeps up-to-date with gaming news and frankly, that cover does not have any attracting qualities to it besides the title of the game.

dragunrising3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

It blows my mind why publishers can't decide on a universal box cover. European and Japanese box art is usually always superior in my opinion. North American box art (almost) ALWAYS has to show the good guys/girls, enemies, or both on the cover. The European Heavy Rain box art comes to much better.

On an related note- what is the best way to make a print off of box art from pdf format? Is there a particular type of gloss paper? I'm asking because the European boxart for Heavy Rain is being made available to download. Fedex Kinkos?

Regardless, I'm quite interested in Yakuza 3. The series reminds me a lot of Shenmue. For that reason alone I'll probably have to buy it.

BYE3054d ago

The German cover has Kazuma on the right...

Interesting decision. But still, I'm sure this game will be amazing. We should be thankful it's coming to the west and not nitpicking about cover art.

gintoki7773054d ago

well ill just make my own when i get it lol

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Kamikaze1353054d ago

Offer us downloadable alternate box art(s).

Corrwin3054d ago


What the hell is the matter with the kind of person that wants a cover change?? Print out a new one and replace the one you have!

Stop wasting the publishers time with this rubbish, Gah!

Baka-akaB3054d ago

seriously where the f**** is that so called negative feedback ? The article sounds as if there was any uproar and we were supposed to know about it already .

It's the first i've heard of this

MovieScouse0073054d ago

It's box art for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!

DaTruth3054d ago

They'll never get that cigarette past the ESRB!

Lol, I almost wrote IAEA(International Atomic Energy Association)!!!

Noctis Aftermath3054d ago

They should of photoshopped the cigarette out of the cover.

@people telling people to shut up about the boxart, the reason why people are complaining is because with a bad/boring/plain boxart the game is less likely to draw the attention of potential buyers which means less sales, which means less chance of sega bringing other yakuza games abroad, so instead of telling people to shut up how about you think for a second.

theoboley3054d ago

You evidently weren't around when people were discussing Heavy Rain's Cover art. they love the EU version, the JP version, but absolutely abhor the US version because it shows the lady character and her clothed breastesess popping out on the cover.

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The story is too old to be commented.