Global Agenda Recon Class Overview

As a Recon in Global Agenda, you have the ability to fight when you want to fight. You can initiate bloody melees. You can initiate long-distance sniper warfare. You can cause attackers or defenders to get off capture points with your satchel charges. No one will know you are coming, and if you do it right, no one will know you are leaving either. For the Recon class, the best weapon they have is the fear a good one puts in the enemy.

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Myst2931d ago

Medic for the win!

I've tried the Recon class ( as well as Assault and especially medic in PvE, since it seems that their is a lack of Medics so far ). I will admit recon is a fun one to play, though I haven't completely utilized it to the fullest ( nor the other classes all the time. ) I suppose in time I'll come to love it for it's additions and hate it for it's faults, though as of right now Medic all the way :p.