Gamer to pay Nintendo $1.3 mln for illegal upload

An Australian man has agreed to pay Nintendo 1.3 million US dollars for illegally uploading a game to the Internet six days before its global release, the firm said Tuesday.

Nintendo said it had settled the Federal Court action against the man who hacked into New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii gaming console and put it on the world wide web on November 6, 2009.

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SnuggleBandit3053d ago

how's he gonna afford that?? is he gonna be on a payment plan for life??

claney3053d ago

Not sure i would say he has "Agreed to pay $1.3mil" lol, probably go into bankruptcy.

Blaze9293053d ago

pfft, he'll probably kill himself tomorrow. There's ya agreement. Even in death he'd still have to pay off that huge sum in the afterlife. Impossible to pay that crap off. Nintendo know damn well they don't need that kind of money nor did they loose that much from this. I had Mario on the cover, 'nuff said.

andron6663053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

But that's the risk you take, too bad for him he was one of the few unfortunates who got served. Can't say I pity him though...

And what would be the point of a fine if it didn't discourage others from doing the same thing?

Elven63053d ago

I don't think they expect him to pay it, a similar case had happened recently in the music industry where a lady was supposed to pay over a million for downloading/uploading music. They eventually brought that down to less than $20,000 I think I even read somewhere that the RIAA was also working on bringing it down to a reasonable sum!

Perhaps here Nintendo will eventually reach an agreement and simply use this opportunity as one to make an example out of people?

Trevorthenerd3053d ago

I bet he is not going to pay Nintendo a cent and that nintendo just wanted to scare other uploaders.

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red2tango3053d ago

I can't believe he got caught. I guess he deserved it, but come on Nintendo, 1.3 million is way too much, thats 3 house payments or more.

condorstrike3053d ago

This sounds fishy...

Nintendo probably told the guy to take the heat and they'll pay-up.

Scare tactics, since they're not selling much S/W, remember since the Wii is hackable through soft-mods it's easier for non-hackers to mod/pirate games thus loss of revenues and fleeding developers.

I say, Scare tactics. eg: xLive bans.

hay3053d ago

Yup, I think the same thing. They make example of him or have a deal, either way it's a mentioned scare tactics.

Meryl3053d ago

This is where the legal system fails, even thought the person in question was in the wrong, there is no way he will be able to pay that kind of amount back, ever.

Kos-Mos3053d ago

You can`t be in debt for the rest of your life?
Pay a monthly fee?
If a man kills another man and is sentenced. Do the legal system fail because they choose to put him in jail for the rest of his life?

CrippleH3053d ago

Nintendo ruined the man's life for such a small thing. Sure it's piracy but is it worth ruining a man's life?

qface643053d ago

no this guy ruined his own life hes the one who was dumb enough to make the choice to upload a game that wasn't even released yet

hatchimatchi3053d ago

yes kos-mos,

let's compare uploading a mario videogame to someone murdering someone.


beardpapa3053d ago

at times like this, he wishes he won the lotto. megamillions!

duplissi3053d ago

yeah uploading a game is just as bad as killing someone

Kos-Mos3053d ago

El stupidos, I`m talking about the legal system and ruining a man`s life.
You act illegal. You know the risk of being sentenced.

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Jihaad_cpt3053d ago

Excuse me. How can you people defend this man, he broke the law. Perhaps they should jail him instead?

RememberThe3573053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I'm not one to go preaching about lawfulness, that would make me a hypocrite, but protecting copyrights is vital to economic prosperity.

If people don't want to spend 50+ dollars on a game demand will drop and prices with have to go down wit hit. But if the negative demand pressures are taken out of the equation, i.e. pirating, then prices do not fall.

Also there is an almost direct correlation between an nations protection of copyrights and it's economic prosperity. This isn't true in all cases but is worth noting.

I don't want to see one man have to pay 1.3 million dollars though, hopefully he can raise some money to help him pay it off.

jessupj3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I agree he should be punished, but there are a lot worse acts people have committed and get off with out any consequences.

For example a false rape claim. Girl at school cries this guy raped her. Without any evidence or conviction he's suspended from school, he's beaten up buy the girl's guy friends, he's arrested and spends a few nights in jail before an investigation is actually done, he's permanently put on the sex offenders list. His reputation completely tranished and his life virtually ruined because of this evil girl. And when police realize it was a complete lie the girl goes free without any arrest or fine or community service what so ever.

Google "false rape claims". You'll be shocked and sickened. - young males need to be educated on our society infested with misandry

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