E4G: MAG review

If you want to enjoy a great Massive Shooter gaming experience, then MAG is the perfect game for you. But a game this big isn't the game for everyone. Some people like smaller matches compared to huge ones that MAG delivers. That is the only downside to the game, if you want to play with six or less people, you can't.

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reaferfore202930d ago

I like the way they point out that MAG isn't for everyone and still gave it a good score. Some people might not think it's 9/10 and they acknowledge that whilst still loving it.

Chubear2930d ago


MAG gets a 9 rating and only 4 comments. Go see the # of comments when it gets a 6 rating. Crazy the FUD anti-viral slander in-house PS3 exclusives have to go through.

FragGen2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

OP: Were you trying to make some kind of point? LOL.