GTA: A Bloody Look Back

Here is Yahoo's Grand Theft Auto Retrospect:
"Massive success doesn't happen overnight; it's taken Rockstar a decade of game innovation to get to the threshold of GTA IV.

From the start, GTA both introduced new gameplay ideas and masterfully reinvented old ones. Not only that, but each game since GTA debuted in 1997 has courted violent controversy in a bid for the attention of both gamers and the media."

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Hydrolex4194d ago

Smart yahoo ! Yahoo will earn a lot money on june 28 by advertisements.

lil bush4194d ago

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ive got the talking points nailed...............

MK_Red4194d ago

Good point. Yahoo saw how original Teaaser for GTA4 crushed the internet and now, along the lines of other Yahoo exclusives like Pirates Of Caribbean 3 and Die Hard 4 trailer, here comes the GTA4 exclusive trailer, meaning that games are now closer than ever to movies in popularity and fame.
The article is good but a bigger one with Stories games would be better IMO.