SFG's Review of Mass Effect 2

BKnight of SFG writes "As with all reviews here at SFG, we try our best to make our reviews as spoiler free as possible, so with that in mind here is our review of Mass Effect 2.

When the original Mass Effect was released, I; like many, rushed out and purchased it. I brought it home, so happy that I had the whole evening to myself. I was primed up and ready to dive headfirst into what was being branded by alot of my media brethren as a masterpiece. Unfortunately for me, I didn't agree with them at all!! With the exceptionally long time it took for the textures to load and being ticked-off by the amount of time it took to ride an elevator, I was totally turned off by the game.

So with my heart in my throat, nervous that I may be wasting $60, I decided to buy Mass Effect 2. Does the franchise redeem itself or does it take a nosedive into the shallow end of the pool? Stick around to find out!!"

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