PSPgo Priced to Move at $209

PSLS writes:

For those of you who have been wanting the digital-download only, ultra-portable PSPgo, but aren't looking to break the bank, we've got a deal for you.

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Trexman893081d ago

Hey, maybe I'll finally buy one......maybe

ThePlaystation3guy3081d ago

Now if I only had the money..

BigPete79783081d ago

I picked mine up at the original price and definitely don't regret it. A definite upgrade from my PSP-1000. Though I could never part with my PSP fat, it holds a special place in my heart.

Blaze9293081d ago

at this point in time I might as well just wait for the PSP2. Still on my PSP-1000 and I don't want to feel like a dumbass buying an Apple product where I would buy the Go just to hear a new model, possibly PSP2, comes out a few months later. There are just too many damn PSP-4000, etc. rumors to feel confident in a new PSP purchase.

butterfinger3081d ago

You do realize that there is always something better just around the corner, don't you? It's not limited to Apple and their line of products. How many different PS3 SKUs have been released with different hard drive sizes? I'm sure a lot of people regret buying 40GB or 80GB models now that 120GB is the minimum and it's cheaper.

Blaze9293081d ago

and you completely missed my point...

sikbeta3081d ago


different PS3 SKUs with different hard drive sizes don't make one SKU better than other, just with more or less HDD size

The PSPGo is a Good Choice even if it doesn't have a UMD Drive, but at this price definitely is more Appealing

Gamers FTW!!!

butterfinger3081d ago

No, I see your point, it was just a stupid point that could be applied to pretty much every consumer electronic ever made. If I was you, I would hold off on buying anything until a company comes out and says it is the absolute final version of whatever device you are looking for.

@sikbeta - Different HDD sizes don't make one SKU better than another? That is pretty moronic, especially since they up the hard drive size and keep it at the same price or $100 cheaper. If you don't think that there are people that regret buying 40GB or 80GB PS3 for $400 in 2009, you are absolutely in denial.

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T3mpr1x3081d ago

That's a more palpable, though only a bit more...Still, I am now very tempted. But why $209? C'mon just make it $199.99, I bet even MORE people would bite at that price.

DarkBlood3081d ago

I may just get one to put play my ps1 games n the likes when the price goes down a bit more

n4gn4gn4gn4g3081d ago

I wouldn't pay 200+ when there are better deals to be had. Hell...sign yourself up for a SONY Card get if for 199 any day of the week if you insist.

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The story is too old to be commented.